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New event calendar

We have just added an new Boom Beach Event Calendar! So you will always know when and which event will occur!

march, 2018

28feb - 1marfeb 2806:00mar 1- 03:00Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

1mar - 206:00mar 2- 03:00Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

2mar - 3mar 206:00mar 3Imitation Game

3mar - 4mar 306:00mar 4Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

4mar - 5mar 406:00mar 5Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

5mar - 6mar 506:00mar 6Hammerman Strikes Back

6mar - 7mar 606:00mar 7Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

7mar - 8mar 706:00mar 8Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

8mar - 9mar 806:00mar 9Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

9mar - 10mar 906:00mar 10Imitation Game

10mar - 11mar 1006:00mar 11Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

11mar - 12mar 1106:00mar 12Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

12mar - 13mar 1206:00mar 13Hammerman Strikes Back

13mar - 14mar 1306:00mar 14Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

14mar - 15mar 1406:00mar 15Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

15mar - 16mar 1506:00mar 16Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

16mar - 17mar 1606:00mar 17Imitation Game

17mar - 18mar 1706:00mar 18Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

18mar - 19mar 1806:00mar 19Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

19mar - 20mar 1906:00mar 20Hammerman Strikes Back

20mar - 21mar 2006:00mar 21Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

21mar - 22mar 2106:00mar 22Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

22mar - 23mar 2206:00mar 23Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

23mar - 24mar 2306:00mar 24Imitation Game

24mar - 25mar 2406:00mar 25Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

25mar - 26mar 2506:00mar 26Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

26mar - 27mar 2606:00mar 27Hammerman Strikes Back

27mar - 28mar 2706:00mar 28Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

28mar - 29mar 2806:00mar 29Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

29mar - 30mar 2906:00mar 30Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

30mar - 31mar 3006:00mar 31Imitation Game

31mar - 1aprmar 3106:00apr 1- 03:00Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

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  1. Joshua Gibbins

    Calendar is out of sync due to recent Mega crab, please fix 🙂

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