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New event calendar

We have just added an new Boom Beach Event Calendar! So you will always know when and which event will occur!

september, 2017

31aug - 1sepaug 3106:00sep 1- 03:00Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

1sep - 206:00sep 2- 03:00Imitation Game

2sep - 3sep 206:00sep 3Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

3sep - 4sep 306:00sep 4Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

4sep - 5sep 406:00sep 5Hammerman Strikes Back

5sep - 6sep 506:00sep 6Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

6sep - 7sep 606:00sep 7Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

7sep - 8sep 706:00sep 8Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

8sep - 9sep 806:00sep 9Imitation Game

9sep - 10sep 906:00sep 10Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

10sep - 11sep 1006:00sep 11Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

11sep - 12sep 1106:00sep 12Hammerman Strikes Back

12sep - 13sep 1206:00sep 13Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

13sep - 14sep 1306:00sep 14Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

14sep - 15sep 1406:00sep 15Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

15sep - 16sep 1506:00sep 16Imitation Game

16sep - 17sep 1606:00sep 17Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

17sep - 18sep 1706:00sep 18Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

18sep - 19sep 1806:00sep 19Hammerman Strikes Back

19sep - 20sep 1906:00sep 20Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

20sep - 21sep 2006:00sep 21Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

21sep - 22sep 2106:00sep 22Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

22sep - 23sep 2206:00sep 23Imitation Game

23sep - 24sep 2306:00sep 24Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

24sep - 25sep 2406:00sep 25Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

25sep - 26sep 2506:00sep 26Hammerman Strikes Back

26sep - 27sep 2606:00sep 27Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

27sep - 28sep 2706:00sep 28Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

28sep - 29sep 2806:00sep 29Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

29sep - 30sep 2906:00sep 30Imitation Game

30sep - 1octsep 3006:00oct 1- 03:00Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

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  1. Joshua Gibbins

    Calendar is out of sync due to recent Mega crab, please fix 🙂

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