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My game crashes or won’t load! (iOS)

If your game crashes a lot, or just won’t load, please check the following “first-aid” tips to troubleshoot. These should help improve the situation:

  1. Check that you have the latest version of iOS installed on your device. Enter settings > general > software and check if new software is available.
  2. Check that your device has enough free storage space: lack of space can result in crashes, slowness and other unexpected issues in any app. Please go to ‘Settings’ > ‘About’ and check ‘Capacity’ and ‘Available’. You can free up space by removing unnecessary apps, for instance.
  3. Free up device memory by closing apps that are running in the background. To do this, double tap the ‘Home’ (square) button to see all the apps running in the background, then swipe them upwards to close them.
  4. Turn your device off and then on again, and launch the game. The device memory should be free at this point and the game performance improved. Does this seem obvious? We know, but it’s worth doing anyway.

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  1. rydothebald
    exp 32
    base level 14

  2. Game Center lost my progress
    I was at experience level 38
    My headquarter was 15
    Please help:)

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