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MMG 9000

Mmg 1

“Welcome to the field test of our new and improved MMG9000: Massacre Machine Gun!”

Mmg 1
Level 1-5


  • The MMG 9000 is an improved version of a Machine Gun.
    • It has the same mechanics as a Machine Gun, but the MMG has higher hitpoints, and damage as well as a longer range.
  • It appears on Lt. Hammerman’s Base level 10, 20 (2), 45, 50 (2), 55, and 60 (2).
  • This Building cannot be built by the player. Currently, the MMG only appears on the Lt. Hammerman HQ bases listed above and on Power Bases.


  • This defense is very good at destroying Warriors. You should never try to attack an MMG with them.
  • Against all other Troops, this defense is still effective. It can deal decent damage to any Troops.
  • Generally, you simply want to avoid contact with MMGs, either by shocking it if it is near the Headquarters/Power Core or flaring around it.
  • If you intend to destroy the MMG, your best choice of Troops would be a Tank compostion due to the Tank’s long range which keeps it away from the MMG’s “high damage zone”.
    • If you have not unlocked Tanks, Heavy-Zooka is your best composition choice.
    • Note: Due to the MMG’s erratic firing, it may hit Riflemen or Zookas when they are behind Heavies.


  • This weapon’s full name is the Massacre Machine Gun 9000. Lt. Hammerman reveals this information when the player discovers his level 45 base.
    • Upon beating the level 45 base he reveals that the intention of the MMG 9000 is to mow down nine thousand rebel (your) troops.
Building Size Size Range Attack Speed Damage Type
3×3 12 0.09 Second Single


Typical Damage Per Second^
Maximum Damage Per Second
Damage Per Shot
1 12,000 85 600 54
2 18,000 128 900 81
3 24,000 185 1300 117
4 30,000 257 1800 162
5 36,000 357 2500 225

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