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Lt. Hammerman’s HQ Strategies

Hammerman’s HQ 1 (10):

Recommended Army: 2+ Heavies and 6+ Zookas

First destroy or weaken a Mortar with Artillery. Then use Heavies as a meat shield with Zookas behind them and take out the MMG 9000. Then, Flare your Troops to place out of range of the other Mortar and take out the Headquarters.

Hammerman’s HQ 2 (20):

Recommended Army: 4+ Heavies & 12+ Zookas

First use a few Artillery to destroy or weaken the Cannons on one side of the Headquarters. Then send out your Heavies on the far edge of the beach to soak up the Minesand distract the Machine Guns. Send out all your Zookas behind the to destroy the Machine Guns. Then use Flares to make your way to the MMG 9000 and destroy them. Make your way to the HQ and take out the remaining Cannons in range if you on that side. Destroy the HQ and receive your rewards.

Hammerman’s HQ 3 (25):

Recommended Army: 15+ Warriors

Deploy all the Warriors at the right side of the beach. Take out the Sniper Tower, then take down as many crates as you can before receiving fire from the Flamethrowers. Put a Medkit near the back of both Flamethrowers and Flare the warriors to the HQ. They should run through the flames while getting healed by the Medkit. Shock Bombthe Super Mortar as many times as possible to prevent it from demolishing the Warriors as they take down the HQ.

Hammerman’s HQ 4 (30):

Recommended Army: 15+ Warriors

Use Gunboat Weaponry to destroy the two Flamethrowers. Deploy all the Warriors on the left side of the beach. Flare the far left crate. Let your Warriors destroy crates and bunkers until they come under fire from the Rocket Launchers. At that point, Flare the HQ and continue to Shock Bomb the Rocket Launchers and wait for yourWarriors to destroy the HQ.

Hammerman’s HQ 5 (35):

Recommended Army: 6+ Tanks

Use Gunboat Weaponry to destroy the right Cannon and the Boom Mine next to it. Deploy your Tanks on the right edge of the right beach. Flare the up beside where theCannon was. Then, Flare the Headquarters making sure you are out of range of everything but the Rocket Launchers. You may want to Medkit the Tanks or Shock Bomb theRocket Launchers as they fire on you while you are destroying the Headquarters.

Hammerman’s HQ 6 (40)

Recommended Army: 30+ level 6+ Warriors

First, Barrage the top Boom Mines. Then deploy all the Warriors on the right side of the beach. Let them run to the right sided of the base, and when the right Super Mortarturns towards the Warriors, Shock Bomb it. Wait for the Warriors to destroy the Sniper Towers and supplies, then Flare the HQ. Shock Bomb the Cannons and right Super Mortar and wait for the Warriors to destroy the HQ.

Hammerman’s HQ 7 (45)

Recommended Army: 30+ level 8+ Warriors

Deploy all your Warriors on the far right side of the beach. Flare them to the far right Flamethrower in the grouping with three Cannons. Put a Smoke Screen on theFlamethrower to make your Warriors group up for the main run. Proceed to Flare the HQ and make a path of Smoke Screens. Once the Smoke Screen covering the Warriorson the HQ fades, focus on shocking the MMG and Boom Cannons and maybe the Sniper Towers on the left. The Rocket Launchers will not be much of an issue because of their blind spots. Your Warriors will then destroy the HQ easily.

Hammerman’s HQ 8 (50)

Recommended Army: 35+ level 10+ Warriors

Barrage the middle of the Headquarters and the top Boom Cannon on either side of the base. Deploy your Warriors on that side of the beach and use Flares to get yourWarriors to run to the top corner. Then, Flare the Headquarters and use a few Smoke Screens to get on it. As the Smoke Screen covering your Warriors on the Headquarterswears off, Shock Bomb as many nearby defenses as possible, and destroy the Headquarters.

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