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Lt. Hammerman

“I am Lieutenant Hammerman of the Blackguard.”


  • Lt. Hammerman is the main antagonist of Boom Beach.
  • He is the commander of the Blackguard.
  • The Blackguard is a military force that is attempting to take over the islands of the Archipelago and enslave its inhabitants. The player was sent to the Archipelago to stop the Blackguard from taking control of it.
  • It is unknown how the Blackguard takes over free villages because their army cannot be seen in action.
  • Lt. Hammerman has 10 bases scattered across the map and are known as Hammerman’s HQ. These seem to be his command centers overseeing his conquest.
  • These bases are not limited in the types and number of defenses it may have like players’ bases are.
  • There are also unique weapons which are used in these bases various times.


  • He has black/brown hair, a square nose, normal ears, a scarred left eye and always frowns.
  • He appears to be relatively short.
  • He wears a Black uniform with a bit of red on it.
  • His belt, cap and above his top left pocket has what appears to be the Blackguard symbol.

Lt. Hammerman’s Base Stats

Base’s XP Level Base’s HQ Level Radar
Level Required
MMG’s Super
Gold Reward Wood Reward Stone Reward Iron Reward
10 5 4 1 none 28,875+a 20,700 1,590 495
20 7 5 2 none 42,750+a 29,250 14,000 1,980
25 6 7 none 1 45,750+a 31,500 6,600 833
30 13 9 none none 40,500+a 27,300 12,600 1,485
35 19 11 none none 71,250+a 45,000 21,200 2,700
40 20 13 none 2 69,750+a 52,650 37,800 16,500
45 15 15 1 none 96,750+a 74,100 61,200 46,200
50 19 17 2 none 191,250+a 135,000 116,600 92,250
55 19 19 1 1 126,000+a 97,500 90,000 82,500
60 20 20 2 2 135,000+a 107,500 99,000 90,750

“a” is your Attack Cost when you first scout that Hammerman Base. When you destroy the base, you receive the normal Gold reward plus your Attack Cost at the time you scouted the base. Like all islands, the Resource reward will not increase after the base has been scouted.

Power Stone Rewards

Boss bases drop fixed numbers of Power Stones when destroyed, and you have additional chances to get more Power Stones from the usual chance which is explained on our Power Stone page.

Base’s XP Level Power Stone Type Awarded Guaranteed Fragments Guaranteed Shards Guaranteed Crystals
10 Life 4 1 1
20 Magma 4 2 1
25 Magma 4 3 1
30 Magma 5 3 2
35 Life 5 4 2
40 Magma 5 4 2
45 Ice 6 4 2
50 Magma 6 5 2
55 Ice 7 5 2
60 Ice 7 6 3

Map of the Archipelago with the locations of all of Hammerman’s Bases


Hammerman Strikes Back

HammermanStrikesBackHammerman Strikes back is an Event in which Lt. Hammerman attacks you! Defend your base from his attacks and earn rewards. Learn more on the Hammerman Strikes Back page.

Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is an Event in which Lt. Hammerman has copied the best player bases in the Archipelago! Defeat his bases to earn rewards.


  • It seems Lt. Hammerman is obsessed with Statues and Power Stones because of their mystical powers.
    • However, the only Statue he ever uses on one of his bases is a Life Statue on his level 35 base.
      • This might be since he seems to be more interested in smashing the statues to get the Power Stones in them (as seen in his quote when his level 35 base is discovered)
  • Lt. Hammerman’s bases drop 5 Victory Points when destroyed. The amount never changes.
  • Un-discovered Hammerman bases are covered in clouds. Tapping will say, ‘Suspicious activity reported in this region!’
  • After you defeat one of his bases, various freed villages around your Archipelago will put on a fireworks show. Normally when you reclaim a village, only the village that you freed will shoot fireworks.
  • It seems that Lt. Hammerman is in need of a promotion, considering that he appears to be the lower ranked one of the two Blackguard officers in the game (lower than Colonel Gearheart; Dr. T doesn’t appear to carry a military rank). He does, however, refer to the High Command that he will have to report to after the player destroys his level 60 base.
  • Despite being a higher level, Lt. Hammerman’s Levels 55 and 60 bases give less loot than his Level 50 one.
  • Although the quote after the player destroys his level 60 base is referring to the Hammerman Strikes Back event, almost all players have already played the Hammerman Strikes Back event (available at HQ level 15) before destroying his level 60 base (available at HQ level 20).
  • Although Lt. Hammerman’s Headquarters appears to have machine gun slits, they do not ever attack troops.
  • There’s an achievement which is called Payback that gives a total of 175 diamonds upon destroying all of his ten bases on the Archipelago.

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  1. All my friends and family members lose islands back to Lt. Hammerman everyday. I have never had Lt. Hammerman troops ever come back and take an island. So I miss out on easy resources and fun gameplay…I don’t understand why this isn’t happining for me. I am level 30 and play every day. Can someone explain this? Did I not do something right?

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