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List of issues that will be fixed in the next update

In the last update a couple of annoying bugs snuck into the game. The good news is that the next update isn’t too far away and with it we’ll get rid of those pesky bugs! Here’s a list of things that will be fixed / will change:
  • Medics will heal under smoke screens again
  • No more crashes for Russian players due to long texts (Weapon Lab crash)
  • Warriors won’t clump up at the HQ anymore
  • Swapped Landing Crafts will show correctly in scout mode
  • Critter stats will be visible on the Critter info screen in the Armory
  • The Flare cannot be thrown on the pier anymore
  • Destroying Colonel Gearheart’s Damage Amplifiers will stop them working
  • Critters won’t follow flares, won’t be healed by Medics or Medkits and won’t be affected by Magma statues
  • Watching a Colonel Gearheart attack replay will show the correct HQ graphics

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The update has arrived!

Commander, the update has arrived!!

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