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LET’S GET THE MEGA KNIGHT! Clash Royale Mega Knight Challenge

Clash Royale Mega Knight Challenge with Nickatnyte
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  1. Who else lost the challenge??and doesn't care.

  2. Plz do more last day on earth or it will be the last day on earth for me 🙁

  3. hi im at 5-2 now, using miner, executioner, goblin gang, e wiz, minions, knight and inferno tower should i change anything

  4. If you put a defensive mega knight in front of an xbow, it jumps and its in the air but the xbow can still hit it… Xbow can technically hit air I guess
    Same with Sparky

  5. The legendary animation doesn't make it an surprise anymore

  6. honestly nick I'm the same way sometimes….its like his the he'll did i loose the game when i had 400 health on each tower its frusterating and I'm very competitive

  7. Guys download stats royale so you can see what chests are coming up it means you won't miss any buy winning without a chest slot

  8. Honestly you played the first battle at the end like it was your first time playing the game all you had to do was put the bandit all the way up on your opponents side and then lightning

  9. He is honestly so fucking bad at the game… I swear

  10. Its not my birthday
    My dog didnt die
    Can i get some likes for the fact i didnt lie

  11. I see people using ur deck but they don't know how to use it😂

  12. You should make a video with all charge troops ex: prince, dark prince, bandit etc

  13. Same thing happened to me in my first game they had two health on their princess tower

  14. I just won the mega night challenge! My deck was totally meta but I'm very happy I won. It was mega night, night witch, zap, bandit, pump, battle ram, inferno dragon, arrows. Good luck to everyone!!

  15. u should clone then use the mirror

  16. i dident get the mega knight but i got the bandit from a tourniment chest

  17. I get 12 wins easily in first try with this deck:mega knight,pekka,el wizard,zap,arrows,elixir pump,ice golem and inferno dragon

  18. What I've learned from many challenges to win:
    Wait till OJ uploads,
    Play immediately so no meta decks appear,
    And play to win as hard as the 20 win challenge.

    "My" 12-1 deck:
    (TBH, I stole it from the guy I lost to)
    Minion horde, skele army, goblin barrel, zap, fireball, mega knight, furnace, inferno dragon.
    Use mega knight goblin barrel. Super strong (they got log or zap, switch placements. I won because I did a deep barrel)
    Inferno to stop mega knight (theirs) and trickle furnace damage. Also stops their minions &a horde.

    Gl 🙂

  19. First 6 …EAZY

    Me went 1-3 -;(

  20. Use the freeze it's the most fun card to use


  22. Hey, Nick! I love your channel and have been watching it for a long time! I also wanted to ask you something, could you use this deck? It's Giant, Miner, Archers,Fire Spirits, Tombstone, E -wiz, zap, and lightning. The deck is really fun to use and it's pretty strong too. Anyway though, I love your work bro, keep it up! Like so Nick can see!!!

  23. That 2 health could have been saved if you just checked the card damage holding down the card.

    Hold the card -> damage and health information pop up -> OH! not enough damage lets wait for lightning then


  24. I have a replay of a bandit doing her dash multiple times behind the mega knight……almost infinite

  25. brush I could beat u at this XDDDDD

  26. Who likes the video during the add?

  27. Nick's 1st deployment of MG was perfect, the hog did not get a single swing

  28. Helo nickatnyte i think Your working really hard as a YouTuber and I love ur vids and keep it up

  29. Hi NickAtNyte Hope you'r fine Well i'm half away to 800susb i can't belive it ?? thanks for motivation you gave me to be a GamingYoutuber like you?

  30. He littlery gives away the legendary name in the opening when he says sp

  31. Thanks to you Nick you make this challenge dumb stale and retarded everyone keeps using the same thing as the YouTubers that's why the game is so stale and boring

  32. I got the bandit from the giant chest

  33. Yo nick that chest in the background looks sick

  34. Where did u get the cap nick it's awesome!

  35. stop doing a 40 min video I'm not gonna watch that , 20 min 15 min will be great I'm no gonna spend an hour to watch a vid and looks like not many are watching it too , if u want to keep ur followers u should make a short vid

  36. his loses are painful 😥

  37. Oo you got a new camera?

  38. Who else is just playing with cards they dont have!🙋‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙇

  39. Clash Royale Mega Knight Challenge with Nickatnyte SUBSCRIBE — http://bit.ly/nytesub
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