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ICE FULL BOOSTED BETTER WIN vs Hammerman | Boom Beach

Taking on Hammerman with full boosted Ice in Boom Beach!
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Boom Beach:

Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago. The fight becomes a race to harness the ancient powers hidden on the islands. Are you ready for the BOOM?

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Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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Title: Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwSkC85TDgY
Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/monstercat


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  1. Doesn't he understand that the flamethrowers and machine guns need to be put at the front of the beach? 

  2. Make everything semetrical

  3. Maybe try moving the hq to the way back and hope time is on your side?

  4. I barely beat Hammerman even at my 300 medal count and was lvl 43 I had to boost my ice statues to beat him

  5. Ben you need to work on your flamethrowers. They can be clutch when it comes to frying heavies. I'm HQ 18 so I've only got 1 SL and 3 boom cannons but my flamethrowers do great work for me. Also you didn't have any prototype defences so you where never going to defend Hammerman 77 without a shock blaster or two! Great video though always a good watch. 

  6. Why didn't you deploy your shock blaster?? That would of helped so much 

  7. flamethrowers Snipe towels machine guns and morter are really weeeak lol! thats why u lose :c

  8. just sayin you cant beat him cause you defenses are awful

  9. U need to upgrade your defenses and landing craft your just hurting your self

  10. Bro i had defended it very ease! I hadn't boosted any ice statues… just move ur head quaters to the extreme top so that it gives enough space for boom canons to hit

  11. Hey ben. My vp are 1130 and all hammermans troops are maxed out and they are boosted up to 35% toop health plus 35% damage. And my base are also just lvl 57. At the last week it was almost impossible to defend him, in my opinion. But this week i defend him. My tip to you is. If ther are grannys in the game. Spead out you whole base and set your hq in a corner with two snipers. Then its really gain to have at least one ore two little prototyps. for 4 modules you can build a doom cannon 1 and ore a shock blaster 1. Thats are really game changers in boom beach especially when the hammerman event. Why do you save so much prototyp modules?? I dont save they and im always have all 12 d two protyp weapons lvl 3 what i need to have. So you can chilled build two of lvl 1 weapons. If you really come in the top 50 you have more than enough modules for a long time and more…. beleave me if you spread out and take the econemy building before the defens buildings. And with a little bit skill, what do you have enough in my opinion you will defet him next time. An Of course you swith and exchanged the deff building sortet by troops if the in the behind or by warriorrs for exampel the mg and flamthrower and shocks at the front. Or try you shock launcher get them behind each other that the troops are later shocked too. and boost you ice you do this good but possibly you boost they from the beginning to see the differences. Okay thats enough jabber? and i hope you read this and i could help couse im a big fan of yours and you help me so many times. Good bye Tim?

  12. Ben, Imagine if there's a new troop added on HQ 20 for example and it's called " Grenadiers ( Not Drunk ) " and the old ones will be called " Grenadiers ( Drunk ) ". :D

  13. You should have put your shock blaster 3 down and you would have won

  14. I whipped hammerman with my two shock blaster 3's

  15. This was the first time hammerman attacked me, and those heavies were a nightmare 🙁 too many heavies

  16. Yeah, Hammerman was tough for me today as well. My damge amp actually helped me pull a clutch against those heavies. Although, those grenadiers drunken aim left my base at less than 100 health at the end. I WON DOH. Stay aweseome Ben

  17. Every time you have lost you have not had prototype defenses which has made a huge difference

  18. Hammerman has kicked my butt the last two times as well. 

  19. Why not put the HQ all the way to the back if there are no flares/critters 

  20. Today was my FIRST day of Hammerman Fleet! I did awful?

  21. MGs and FTs should be up front, and put cannons, BCs and STs behind them

  22. When u need to kill time just move ur hq back so they have to walk there and waste time

  23. Why not just boost everything since the beginning of the attack?

  24. Ben can I join your task forse I got 100medles an I'm leval 19

  25. Hey Ben,
    Maybe try a diamond shape design spread from the beach to the back wall with the HQ at the back. Then layer your defences with your resource buildings so that grenadiers should loose a lot of AOE, so Eg. Sawmill at the very front, then two turrets either side of the back of the saw mill then place the quarry and Iron mine 3 spaces behind your first two turrets and continue on to fit with what Hammerman's attacking with. 

  26. Lul i beat him at first try everytime

  27. U shit? Tip: first line:mines, second:some 3×3 buildings, third :clumsed to the second line, defenses(boom cnnaons and snipers.) fourth line: other 3×3 stuff, fifth:qgain clumsed to the fourth line, cannonss and machineguns, sixt line: rockets and shocks. Buildings left, use them to discordinate the troops: make a line of buildings to the left side, so they follow them, and the hq as far as possible in the corner. Prototype defense=win

  28. you could've put the shock blaster

  29. (MUST READ BEN!!!) TIP; Try making you base layout in the middle, length wise. Like, from the starting from the beach to the very back. & Always have the base near the back with a shock launcher behind the base. In the very middle of the map put your second shock, but when you start to make the prototype defenses again replace the shock launcher with a shockblaster & have only ONE flamethrower behind it & put the shock launcher you just replaced 3 layers behind from the beach. & always have every single mine at THE VERY front. & have one full layer of economy buildings covering the whole beach behind the mines. Now, have only one rocketlaunchers on eachside of the middle shockblaster (atleast 3 blocks away from it width wise), but maybe one square a head of it so it could still take shots out at the beach. Put 2 mortars behind the front economy buildings on left & right side, along with having a machine gun(msg's) at the start of the beach on left & right, & another machinegun in the middle, all three msg-s behind the front economy buildings. & The rest I'll leave up to you, BennTimm1!
    Long comment, sorry for it but I wanna see you win the defenses so I thought "hey, why not give him my base layout for Hammerman? " && yeaah. But try it out, it works trust me! I haven't lost once against him since my first try, & I'm a lower level then you & waaayy lower in VP, but TRY IT OUT!! I bet you'll start winning again:3

    Sidenote- keep up the great work, Ben!:D

  30. Hey Ben. I like many parents allow my son to watch your videos. No more after that disgraceful language you used today. Just because things didn't go your way there is no need for language like that being exposed to my TEN year old son. It was wrong. And my son won't be watching again until I hear you apologise and promise to keep it out of your uploads. 

  31. bro, machine guns and flamethrowers are your friend. also, place your shocks closer to the front

  32. Don´t put your base at the front, don´t put your weapons together and put a building in front of each weapons, that has worked for me.


  34. prototype modules make a big difference..

  35. Guys at Boom Beach:

    "Hey guys let's mess with Ben"
    "Lol okay how"
    "Let's make his Hammerman way harder than normal"
    "Lol okay"

  36. You probably would of won if you weren't being stingy with the power powder on the 2nd run. Or if you deployed your shock blaster III

  37. I agree with many, prototype defence can make the difference, and put more economy buildings in the front to gain time to take out more troups.

  38. Why didn't you use the shock baster

  39. Hi guys. I have just created a new task force called BB PLAYERS and it's tag is#2LQC0JJJ. As I said i just created a few days ago, so i'm searching for people who love boom beach and make daily attacks. Please join it. Thank you guys. I'll be waiting for you.

  40. Vosketlal c qoi ta force spécial ??

  41. why didnt you put out your shock blaster

  42. put your hq in the back, so the enemy troops need time to get on there!


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