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I got ‘Error 102’ – What can I do?

If you are getting the 102 error when trying to link two devices, make sure you have both of your devices on hand before attempting to link them. Then, give these steps a try:
  • Connect both devices to the same network (preferably Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G aren’t always as dependable in instances like these)
  • Attempt the process using a different Wi-Fi network (in a cafe, library, school, friend’s home, or wherever it’s the strongest).
  • Turn one of your devices into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and then tether the other device to that hotspot, trying again afterward.
This should do the trick. If not, please contact us with the precise base name, Task Force name, HQ level and XP level of the bases on both of your devices, and stating which base you would like to transfer.

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  1. Android to iPhone trouble please help
    I want to transfer this account
    Hi my account is jjj1100
    My tag is #2YRY20J9P
    My task force is Legendary #8LG2P82Y
    My HQ is Level 22
    My Xp Lvl is 61

    To this one
    My Account is Jjj200
    My tag is #8R2V8Q9G9
    No taskforce
    My Hq is level 3
    My Xp is level 5

  2. Hi there

    I have tried to transfer one account to the other and hae tried all the suggestions. My old base is GamingGuru. I am in vietnam. My HQ level is 14 and Experience level is 33. I would like to transfer this base to my new phone. The base is Gam1ngGuru and I am not in a task force yet. The HQ level is 2 and my Experience level is 3. I hope that you can sort this out for me. If you need anything else, just ask. Please keep me posted and notify me if it is possible for you to transfer.

    Regards Gian

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