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How to transfer your account to another device (iOS to iOS)!

Please follow the below steps to transfer your progress from one iOS device to another.

  1. Make sure that your original account (the one you want to transfer) is linked to your Game Center account. To double check go to settings > Game Center > make sure your logged in. If not, simply enter your Apple-ID and password and tap “Sign In”!
  2. Then, go to the new device and sign into the same Game Center account (again, settings > Game Center > enter Apple-ID and password).
  3. Lastly, launch Boom Beach and you should be prompted to load your desired game.

In general please keep in mind, that you should only have one game progress per device.
If more than one person in your family play Boom Beach, each persons’ game needs to be connected to its own  Game Center account for each progress to be saved properly.

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  1. I lost my game trying to transfer to new phone 🙁
    I do not know my game name
    or level
    or any thing 🙁

  2. I got a new device, and I tried the intstructions above to transfer, in game center it shows my actual game (lvl 50+), however when I select to play, it starts me off as a new player with nothing.

    Is there another method I can use? I dont have access to my old phone because it broke 🙁

  3. I got a new device but I think I made the mistake of using a new ID, so I get a fresh base.
    I would like to transfer my account from my old ID to my new ID, please advise via email.

  4. I got a new phone and can’t get my game to load through game center

    Name : Hatfield
    Level : 41-42
    Task force : local2461

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