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How to transfer your account to another device (iOS to Android)!

You can transfer your base from an iOS device to an Android device (or vice versa) using a one-time code generated in your game. You need to have access to both your iOS device and Android device for this to work.

To transfer your base, the account on your Apple device must be connected to Game Center, and the game on your Android must be connected to Google+.

You can verify Game Center connection on iOS by logging into Game Center, then opening Boom Beach from Game Center’s ‘Games’ tab.

For Android, open Boom Beach and connect your base to Google+ in the in-game settings by selecting the Google+ sign in button.

To transfer your base, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Boom Beach on both your Android and iOS devices (old device and new device)
  2. Open the in-game settings window on both devices
  3. Press the ‘Link a device’ button on your old device
  4. Choose ‘This is the old device’ on which ever one is applicable
  5. You should receive a code – write it down
  6. Then press the ‘Link a device’ button on your new device
  7. Chose ‘This is the new device’ and enter the code from your old device

IMPORTANT: When entering the code, do not use the space bar on the keyboard, this will prevent you from finishing the code

After you have successfully copied the code from one device to the other, your original base will be transferred, allowing you to play one account on both devices so you can Resume the Boom.

Well-done Commander!

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  1. Hello, I hope you can help, I have just got a new iphone6s was trying to swap my base over to my new phone when I somehow deleted it when I was setting it up on the new phone.
    I need your help to get my game back because I cant start from the beginning again! My name I think was terry2778, level was 47 and my base was at level 17 from memory.
    I did try and set up a game centre account, but it only saved the new base from level 1 🙁
    Please let me know if you can help because I really enjoy playing this game, and would love to still play it on my new phone.

    thanks in advance,
    London – +44 77866622218

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