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How to transfer your account to a new device (Android to Android)!

To use the same base on two different Android devices, all you need to do is connect your game to the same Google account on both of these devices.
Please follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the Google account that you are using on your primary device (where you are currently playing) is connected to Google+
  2. Open Boom Beach on your primary device, then enter the in-game settings to make sure your game is connected to Google+
  3. Make sure you are using the same Google account on your secondary device – if not, go to Settings > Accounts, and press ‘Add account’ to add the Google account used on your primary device
  4. Now start a new game of Boom Beach on your secondary device, and complete the tutorial
  5. Important: Make sure not to go higher than Headquarters level 4 with this new game! Once you have reached Headquarters level 4, you’ll no longer be able to overwrite the game
  6. After you’ve finished the tutorial, open the in-game settings and press ‘G+’ to connect to your original Google+
A pop-up will then prompt you to load your previous game, allowing you to Resume the Boom.  Well-done Commander!

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  1. Hi
    Before connecting my game with Google+ I had to do factory reset. Unfortuantely,
    Is it possibel to get my account back?
    Account name: slonnik
    Level: 57
    HQ level: 20
    task force: SVK Pohoda


  2. after clearing data i lost 47 level…game keep starting at level 1 because google play is very buged.
    if would be nice if you can help me to get my base back,if not….well….i guess thats it.

  3. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! I lost all my info when switching devices. I was on level 27 please help me recover this asap! Thank you

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