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How does “Invasion Cap” works?

(Radar Level -> Invasion Cap)
1 -> 2
2 -> 5
3 -> 7
4 -> 9
5 -> 11
6 -> 13
7 -> 15
8 -> 17
9 -> 19
10 -> 21
11 -> 23
12 -> 24
13 -> 26
14 -> 27
15 -> 28
16 -> 30
17 -> 31
18 -> 32
19 -> 33
20 -> 34

Currently things work as follows:

  • Invasion cap includes: PvP bases, NPC bases
  • Invasion cap doesn’t include: Resource Bases, Lt. Hammerman, Dr. Terror
  • Every 33 minutes your game “rolls the dice” to see if you’ll get a new invasion
  • Your % chance of a new invasion is highest when your map is free of PvP and NPC bases
  • With each new invasion the chance goes down a little bit (reaching 0% at your Radar’s cap)
  • If you have more PvP bases on your map, you have a higher chance of your next invasion being an NPC invasion (and vice versa)

For the future:

theoretically, how long could I be waiting for my map to fill up entirely, if Im waiting for 30 maximum invasions?

“Theoretically forever if you have infinitely bad luck… but in reality with a fully cleared map, the average time to get 5 invasions should be roughly 5h 44m (assuming you don’t destroy anyone in between invasions).” – Boom Designer

Therefore, on average:
10 invasions = 11h 20m
20 invasions = 37h
30 invasions = 155h

Because of this theoretical possibility, we’re making a change in the next update to try and prevent long streaks of invasion bad luck. Firstly, there will be a system in place that cumulatively increases your chance of a new invasion with each failed invasion. This will never reach 100%, but it will keep improving your odds so that invasions should be more consistent. Secondly, we’ll be adding some neat information to your Radar info screen:

Thirdly, we’ll probably be changing the invasion “dice roll” time to happen every 17 minutes and decrease the % chance to balance this. The result should be roughly the same frequency of invasions, but more consistency overall. However, there will also be the possibility for more invasions if you’re lucky!

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