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Hammerman’s HQ Strategies

Hammerman’s HQ 1 (10):

Recommended Army: 2 Heavies, 12 Riflemen & 4 Zookas

Firstly destroy a Mortar or two with Artillery. Then use Heavies as a meat shield and take out the MMG 9000 with Zookas. Take out the rest of defences with Riflemen + Zookas.

Hammerman’s HQ 2 (20):

Recommended Army: 4 Heavies & 12 Zookas

Firstly use a few Artilleries to destroy one of the MMG 9000’s or the Cannons. Then send out your Heavies to soak up the mines and distract the Machine Guns. Send out all your Zookas to destroy the defenses. Then use Flares to make your way to the MMG 9000 and destroy them. Make your way to the HQ and take out the Cannons. Destroy the HQ and receive your rewards.

Hamerman’s HQ 3 (30):

Recommended Army 1 : 15+ Warriors

Deploy all the Warriors on the left side of the beach. Flare the left Flamethower , then Flare the left bunker. Flare the right bunker and Shock Bomb the middle defenses. Then Flare the HQ and Shock Bomb the Rocket Launchers and Shock Bomb the middle defenses if possible, and wait for your Warriors to destroy the HQ.

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