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Hammerman Strikes Back


  • This event is unlocked after having built the Weapon Lab.
  • In this event, Lt. Hammerman will appear in a Gunboat north west of your home base on the Archipelago, and you must defend your base against his attack.
  • This event starts at 6 a.m. for your time zone every 6 days and lasts for 21 hours. Note that Daylight Saving Time willaffect Hammerman Strikes Back event times.
  • To win the event, you must successfully defend your base against Lt. Hammerman’s attacks.
  • The event is made up of seven stages. Each stage is harder than the last.
  • Each stage awards one or more Prototype Modules if you successfully defend your base.


  • Every six days, Hammerman appears for the event.
  • In this event, Hammerman attacks your base.
  • There will be seven stages in Lt. Hammerman’s attacks, each stage being tougher than the last one, similar to Dr. Terror.
  • To begin a stage, tap on the Gunboat labelled as “Hammerman’s fleet” that is located near your home base on theArchipelago map.
  • Tapping on his Gunboat will display an info box containing the following information:
    • The Prototype Modules you will receive for winning the stage
    • The troops he will use in the current stage
    • The Statue bonuses that will buff his troops for the stage (if any)
  • To start the stage, press the “Defend” button found within the info box. You will then be able to watch Lt. Hammerman attack your base.
    • The cost to begin a stage is equal to five times your Attack Cost.
  • If you successfully defend against Lt. Hammerman in one stage, you will receive the Prototype Module reward for that stage, and then the next stage will become available to defend against.
  • If Lt. Hammerman’s troops successfully destroy your Headquarters, you can retry and defend again against the same troops.
  • Each stage’s troop configuration, statue bonuses, and troop deployment locations will be the same for everyone.
  • You will have 21 hours to defend against him as many times as possible. There is no limit to how many times you can attempt to defend Lt. Hammerman.
  • If you successfully defend against stage seven, you complete the event, and Hammerman will leave until the next event in six days.


  • When Hammerman attacks, he will send up to 4 waves of 8 Landing Craft of troops.
  • For Hammerman to win, he must destroy your Headquarters.
  • Hammerman will use Gunboat Weaponry.
    • He can use Artillery, Shock Bombs, Barrages, and Critters.
    • He will always aim at the center of a building. This means he will not take advantage of the Artillery’s ability to equally damage multiple buildings.
    • He uses Gunboat Weaponry at the beginning of each wave while deploying troops; he will not support troops with Gunboat Weaponry until he deploys his next wave of troops.
  • The troop deployment locations for a stage are fixed. This means that if you retry a stage, he will deploy each wave of troops in the same place that he did last time.
  • For you to win, you must either defeat all of the troops that Hammerman deploys or keep your Headquarters safe until time runs out.
    • If you fail a defense but defeated part of the troops in one try, these defeated troops come back in the next try, so it is all or nothing.


  • Hammerman’s attacks do not count toward the Strategist Achievement. They instead count toward the Hammer Down Achievement.
    • Similarly, his attacks will not be counted as attacks or raids (or both) in the “Daily Summary” part of the Activity Log.
  • Like Resource Base defenses, Diamonds and Intel are not earned.


Stage Hammerman’s XP Level Number of Waves Statue Bonuses Prototype Module Reward
1 62 1 1
2 65 2 2
3 68 2 2
4 71 3 +4%Damage
5 74 3 +8%Damage
6 77 4 +12%Damage
7 80 4 +16%Damage

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  1. O, come on let’s have another mega crab event it was so much fun when our task force send and send and send their attacks of mega crab event

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