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Hammerman Strikes Back – Hammerman on hunt 23.05.2016 – Boom Beach Strategy | Base Layout

Hammerman Strikes Back – Hammerman on hunt 23.05.2016 – Boom Beach Strategy| Best protective Base Layouts

How to set best layout to defend hammerman? This is always a challenge for many of us. I comprehensively doing this from many days, though I believe that, it is not possible to defend hammerman without strong defensive base.

Two things are compulsory to defend hammamerman:
1) Strong Defense base ;
2) Tricky Base Layout.

For strong Defense:
To build a strong defense, you must have high level Morters, Machine Gun and Rocket Launchers. These all help you to damage Riflemen and Zookas, which come in huge numbers always.

Secondly, Special weapons have a huge hand building a strong defense. Like Shock Blaster is must. 2nd weapon, you can choose anything. Another Shock Blaster, Lazor Beam or Amplifier. Specialy, the amplifier works very well most of the time, when huge numbers of troops being deployed. Today I have not used Amplifier. To build the best protective base lay out for other online players I have already built the Shield Generator.

Thirdly, Ice/Blue Idols play a very important role to strengthen your defensive power as well. Without these two Masterpiece 6th and 7th Stage are not possible to defend. By the way, today also I didn’t use any Power Powder on my Blue/Ice idols.

For Tricky Base Layout:
And for Tricky Base Layout, you must have to see in which series the troops are coming in. Normally, putting all Non-defensive Buildings in front row or two rows, will be great idea always. The troops become busy to damage your Non-defensive buildings, and in the mean time defensive building damage the troops staying behind. It works like a shield.

Another tricky thing you can apply which I always apply effectively. If you will click on the Hammerman Boat, it will show the level and the troops as well. If it is showing Grenadiers are in the first box, that mean, Grenediers will be deployed first. So you have to put all your morters on the first row of defense. Same thing happened in 6th Stage only. But today at 7th Stage Grenadiers came in the middle, which is very tough. In that case we need not do anything. Other troops will clear our front rows, thus grenadiers have to face our lengthy snipers, Shock Blasters, Boom Cannons as compulsory which happen today.But it was not possible to stop 7th stage without Amplifier or another Shock Blaster, even my MasterPiece of Building Damage was boosted already.

My Blue/Ice idols status:
Building Health : 28 (Boosted)+13
Building Damage : 37

My weapon’s Level:
Shock Blaster: 3rd
Shield Generator: 3rd

So, set your base like me and defend hammerman today confidently up to 6th Stage. For 7th Stage I recommend Amplifier or another Shock Blaster.

Your comments are welcome and will be appreciable, cos I am learning too.

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