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HAMMERMAN STEAMROLLED MY BASE! Boom Beach Hammerman Strikes Back Strategy!

Boom Beach Hammerman Strikes back and WRECKS my base! I’m not sure how to make a setup that actually works without the damage amplifier or the Ice Masterpieces! Let me know if you do! Boom Beach Free Diamonds! http://bit.ly/teachboombeach

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Intro Title: Draper – New Rules
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  1. What hq do you have to bet y unlock base layouts

  2. Nickatnyte = Molt xP

  3. Hi Nick! Im Parth n im from India. When r u gonna play the low level base because many people (including me) need tips n tricks from u . I have also joined ur low level taskforce in which many of the team mates (including me) are wishing to meet u.I hope u read this n reply.I play boom as boomer .

    Hope u reply

  4. It sucked so much when your troops don't heal after a attacke

  5. Nickatnyte is bae your my favourite youtuber

  6. I want to come in your task force but I have only 216 vp

  7. 60 second zooka challenge :D

  8. Put your hq in the corner with a boom cannon sniper tower and machine gun with a flamethrower next to it and a defense bonus statue

  9. I beat it by putting my HQ in a corner then boom cannons around then rocket and shock launcher/blaster then I kept doing it with all my defenses then I won doesn't work then sorry but for me it did ¯(ツ)/¯

  10. Nick, for challenges were you can only use a certain amount of time, don't wait until there is that amount of time left….attack right off the bat, and instead you should quit when your time runs out…..ex: instead of waiting until 1:00, attack for 1:00 and if you don't win the end the battle. That way you won't have to wait as long

  11. Can you join my it called bronze my name is rudolph25

  12. What taskforce are you in n

  13. ANYONE can you please join and attack ANGRY MAPLES

    we need 3 more active members

  14. Maybe clash of clans could adopt the idea of defending against hammerman by making a "Defending Against the Goblins" idea… Who agrees?

  15. what hq do u need to get hammerman

  16. This is a really bad remake of clash of clans

  17. Hey guys I've been playing Boom for a while and I'm an HQ 14, but I haven't seen Hammerman's fleet appear on my map! Is this because I'm too low of an HQ or is there something I just don't know?!

  18. it's all about the shock blaster 3 with a damage amp 3. combine them and put 2 rocket launchers next to them and sit back and chill

  19. Hey cool I played when they called them tank mines 😀 yay

  20. 6foot4honda plays boom beach?

  21. Make a new hammerman intro

  22. Hey nick why not u make three to fours clans with different ids on coc so we can join then people will love this idea

  23. I remember tank mines……….

  24. What headquarters do you unlock hammerman attacking you?

  25. Nick needs the eagle artillery in boom beach

  26. can i be in your task force pls im hq 10 tho

  27. +nickatnyte have you got the black ops 3 new DLC if you have is it good or is it bad what do you think ?

  28. +nickatnyte have you got the black ops 3 new DLC if you have is it good or is it bad what do you think ?

  29. Yo. I just saw that guitar in the back! Didn't know you played lol. Anyway I have a joke
    Question: What is God's favorite guitar chord?
    Answer: Gsus

  30. You don't have to do this but I was thinking of you could do a video where you are only allowed to use artillery shots and flares.

  31. Lt. Hammerman use cheats.

  32. Nick you have inspired me to make a gaming channel but I don't know what to use to record please tell me what YOU use to record

  33. Kill first wave of granaders with mines. Need to move base back and let them walk over mines. They will enter the same location so load up mines in that location. Hope this helps thanks.

  34. I been playing for 5 years and u should put your base in the back and put some what every u want in the front

  35. New task force #BP0PJC8C . Area 51

  36. I've found that pulling my base off the beach and kiting grenadiers through land mines is fairly effective and knocking them down early in the attack.

  37. Nick, try to put two damage amplifiers close to each other so they effect the same things and see if a rockets damage goes up by more than 100%

  38. i need a base for hq 9 cause a hq 11 keeps attacking me help me !!!!

  39. I know this is like more than a week aftr u posted this vid… but when it comes to getting rid of those grenadier b4 they cause any damage… the best way, I find, is to set up a line of bombs at the shore… in a pattern that best fits that particular attack…. & move all your buildings far behind that line, just enough to cause the G-diers to have to cross that line and get wiped out b4 they can even cause any damage. Also have your Shock Launchers, R-launchers and Shock Blaster placed in a good enough range to take out any of the G-dires that do not get taken out by the mines.

    This will enable your base to take them out before any other troop boats get unloaded onto your base, so having cleared away the G-diers, your base can now focus on those other troops.

    Considering whether they're tank-troops (tanks, heavies, warriors) or Damage troops (riflemen, zookas, scorchers), place your defence buildings in the manner that best fits that particular attack's combination.

    Using ur HQ as a distraction, regardless of how much shield is on it, is never a practical point of strategy…. especially not against the swarms of hammerman.

    While your Resource buildings do get rid of your HQ health considerably when destroyed… Use them to keep your defenses alive. U could use the storages in a zigzag manner with the defence buildings to allow the defenses to have just the right range on H-man's units, but have his units busy attacking the structures diagonally in front of them, while ignoring the defenses taking them down.

    If you take this pattern [], as an example, where the underscores are the gold mines & the hyphens are the flame throwers, or machine gus, you'll get more damage per defence building, b4 they're taken down: [] Use this pattern with different resource buildings and defense structures. It should help a lot.

    Also, keep all your lines of defense in a H-man layout, not too far away from eachothr lyk u did for the grenadier (considering that they shouldn't be a worry once you've had the mines take them out). Instead keep them really close behind eachothr… and their ranges should all match so that you have more focused force hitting per H-man target to take them out faster, and in the case of medics this concentrated hitting on targets will not allow a chance for healing/medication as much.

    Hope this works for you. Try it.

  40. Wouldn't a massive, strategically placed, minefield going up to the hq in the back be an idea to implement? That way the riflemen just deteriorate in masses. I've noticed that I lost a lot of zookas on regular player base attacks if the mines are properly placed, so I figured it might as well work for a Hammerman attack, since it's comparable to a regular player attack.

    Hope you read this. It might help you and it'd be an honor to see my idea in one of your videos. Enjoy!

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