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Hammerman SPAM OP! ICE Masterpiece ASAP! [Boom Beach]

Boom Beach Hammerman Strikes Back and has a gnarly stage 7 attack! I try my best against his riflemen, tanks and warriors! Also Mortar to max level and only 3 defenses remain in Boom Beach!
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  1. Why do u remind me of 'Mayhem' from bully beatdown???

  2. looking for people who can help my task force. go some players who don't attack. come join #2LRQCJ99

  3. lol I did these Dr t bases today

  4. this guy is legendary he's 26 in the world (°*°)

  5. what's your intro song?

  6. hey NIC what level do you have to be to have 3 tanks ?

  7. hey nickatnyte why dont you attack resourse base with scorcher

  8. love watching your vidoes nickatnyte keep it up

  9. what task force is nickanyte

  10. hey there nick i really would like to see u using smoky zooka but u can only boost one statue thets the challenge

  11. I like this video, critters kick ass!

  12. Clash royal clan: _Dabn_

  13. Yo nick here's what you have to do when hammerstan arives put all the academy billing in the front well the defenses are on the back so he can be detached by the billing

  14. anybody else see the critter centipede

  15. Join Seasiders. We are a 50 man English speaking task force looking for active recruits of any level and working our way up the ops. #L2R2PYJ

  16. COME JOIN OUR TASK FORCE! Tag: #B2YJ28R9 Name: MasterClan! 17/25, operations every day. Look us up for details. ~Average level 40 (from 33-51)"

  17. R u a new Zealander?

  18. Have to say that you are the most entertaining YouTuber ever!!

    And I mean it!

  19. join my talsk fors on boom beach it is called we will crush y

  20. *LOOKING FOR ACTIVE PLAYERS* To join task force. Rank 40 minimum, 25+ Intel per week, search for 'bumbeachraiders'

  21. Lifebythe•knife
    I just upped my crew to 25 members, must have 300 victory points to join. We are a strong 10 member force now. We communicate well and strategize our attacks. Come check us out!

  22. I almost beat stage 7 but a tank took down my headquarters

  23. hey can you ask supercell to update were you can donate resources

  24. .I like to see your hammerman attacks !! I love your videos Nick keep up the good work!!!??

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