The Gunboat has special abilities that can aid and support your troops. It should be noted, however, that all damaging abilities and the stun abilitiy allow for friendly fire.

The most often used are the artillery and the barrage . Both of these deal damage to the opponent’s buildings. It is often a good idea to destroy key defenses like cannons and boom cannons before deploying troops. It should be noted that shells from both of these deal splash damage to enemy buildings; two or more buildings that touch can be damaged by one shell.

Another extremely important ability is the flare , previously known as the signal smoke. This ability is used to guide troops towards a designated location or to attack a specific building. The careful utilisation of the flare is a good way to destroy the opponent’s defensive buildings like the sniper tower and the cannon that can only shoot one target at once. It should be noted, however, that the flare can be used in conjunction with the shock bomb to facilitate a warrior rush of the HQ.

Both the shock bomb and the smoke screen allow troops to have a chance at not being hit by defenses. The main difference, however, is that the smoke screen allows troops to move, but not shoot, and the shock bomb disables defenses within a small tile range. It is recommended to use these to disable high damage or splash damage units, depending on what troops composition is used.

The medkit creates a ring of healing in which troops can be healed. It should be noted that it can counteract the damage of splash damage defenses like the mortar, machine gun, and flamethrower, but does not do much to counteract the damage of point defenses, especially at higher levels. They are particularly useful when dealing with flamethrowers, as it deals damage to troops even after it has stopped shooting flames at them.

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