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Guide to defending against tanks

Today we’ll break down Tank Tactics and how you can improve your base to defend against them.

Tanks and Tank + Medic combos are a very potent late game troop combination due to their high HP, range, and respectable damage.

In the hands of a skilled commander, Tanks can find blind spots in a base’s defense and pick them off like heavily armored snipers with their range. So the question is, how do you defend against these iron-clad war machines?

Tanks main foes are single target, high damage per second defenses like Cannons, Boom Cannons, and groups of Sniper Towers.

Conversely, they will shrug off area damage from Mortars and Machine Guns and even completely out-range Flamethrowers. With that said, an emphasis needs to be placed on keeping your Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Sniper Towers well protected if you want to repel a Tank attack.

Here’s what you need to know.

Boom Cannons | Ultimate Bullet Catchers

Boom Beach Task Force Update

  • Boom Cannons, keep them away from other anti-tank defenses as they will likely be the target of artillery or barrage damage
  • Assuming you have a symmetrical or non-corner base, placing Boom Cannons at the front and back of your HQ will ensure Tanks cannot outrange them. If you place a Boom Cannon 3 or more spaces away from a symmetrical/non-corner HQ, it will be possible for a group of tanks to flank the opposite side and avoid the Boom Cannon completely.
  • You will want to assume Boom Cannons will be destroyed by GB fire anyways but at least in a front/back formation, the Boom Cannons won’t leave the left or right flank more vulnerable. If you manage to keep a Boom Cannon alive through the initial salvos, you may just win the battle right there – see our last tip for trying to keep your Boom Cannons alive.

Sniper Towers | Cover Your Defenses

Boom Beach Task Force Update

  • Every time a defense is destroyed, the Tanks move and rearrange which one was absorbing all the damage. The difference between a Tank at 10% HP and a Tank that died due to concentrated fire is pretty significant, so you want to make sure your defenses destroy Tanks with each exchange.
  • For the reason above, groups of Sniper Towers work much better than individual Sniper Towers since you want them to fire at the same Tank simultaneously, increasing the chances it will be destroyed before the Tanks are able to destroy a building and rearrange themselves.
  • As for positioning, Sniper Towers will want to be placed near the HQ as well as covering defenses like Cannons.

Cannons | Your Core Defense

Boom Beach Tank Guide Cannon

  • Where many bases fail to protect against Tanks is by placing theirCannons in bad positions. Isolated, sometimes only protecting a few lesser priority defenses or just economy buildings – Cannons are too precious in their use against Tanks to lose even one or two of them carelessly. Placing 2 Cannons close to the HQ (touching it on both sides is fine) can greatly increase your HQ’s defense against Tanks.
  • For the frontline, Cannons will want to be covered by multiple Sniper Towers and in decent range of each other. While you want them to cover each other, also be aware of shock bomb area. The ideal placement will make it so that when one Cannon is being attacked, another Cannon or Sniper Tower is also firing upon the attackers.

Boom Mines | Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Boom Mine

  • Boom Mine positioning is also important against Tanks.
  • Boom Mines should never be placed near targets like the Cannons or Boom Cannons since they are likely to be destroyed by a barrage.
  • Instead it is best to hide them behind Sniper Towers, Masterpiece Statues (Magma Masterpieces are especially good), and the Sawmill.

Critical Hit | Winning Against Tank’s Secret Weapon

Boom Beach Tank Defense Guide Gunboat

  • One last point that is critical and can win you battles against Tanks and Tank+Medic by itself. This is considering your defenses’ max health.
  • Tank strategies usually benefit greatly from being able to destroy high priority defenses like Boom Cannons and Cannons with the Gunboat. If you upgrade your Cannons and Boom Cannons to a level where they require 3 artillery shots to destroy (or +1 artillery shot for your current level), this helps immensely and could make the battle extremely difficult for a column of Tanks.
  • E.g. Level 12 Artillery does 2206 damage and a Level 3 Boom Cannonhas 4200 hp. 2 artillery shots destroy it. By upgrading the Boom Cannonto Level 4 (4700 hp) it now requires 3 Artillery shots per Boom Cannon. You can roughly estimate your opponent’s artillery damage from your own artillery level and damage.
  • This means that rather than using 4 artillery shots to destroy 2 cannons, an opponent would need 6 artillery to do the same job. They will quickly run out of Gunboat Energy at this rate, and when forced to fight your Cannons and Sniper Towers without support, they will take heavy losses – something Tank strategies cannot afford to do since each Tank represents a large part of the attacker’s firepower.
  • Economy building positioning also comes into play here as you don’t want to leave economy buildings on the front lines against tanks as they are usually free Gunboat energy to help destroy your cannons.

That’s it for now, best of luck in your coming defenses and see you next time!

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  1. I am struggling with medi-tank. I’ve taken these tips and tried to make my base less susceptible. Any critiques?


  2. Great advise bud!!! I just stopped my 1st tank and medic attack after getting wiped out every time. The guy was used 7 tanks and 6 medics and my guys killed 5 of them before the pussy ran away with his tail between his legs and my sniper took out one more tank. The guy was a level 39 and I am only at level 33. I just pulled my level one boom cannon back a few spots so the barrage attack won’t damage my cannons and moved my rocket launcher over a couple spots. I have no idea how my defense will hold up against a hookah attack with a medic though or a hookah attack with riflemen decoys though. I think my defenses are fine against a tribal warrior attack but have not gone up against a smoke warrior attack yet so I’ll have to see how my machine guns, flame throwers, and mortars hold up against that.

  3. luciusgwilson@gmail.com

    how do you activate your tank in battle?

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