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Grenadiers FINAL Chance! | Boom Beach (They Make Me RAGE)

Today we give the Grenadiers their last chance in Boom Beach! Boom Beach Gameplay & Tips Videos! Subscribe for more Boom Beach! – http://goo.gl/FgNEdO
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Hey guys, I am Ben or BT1 and I started my channel with Clash of Clans and have been playing clash for over 2 years! Then I switched to Boom Beach when the beta came out and have been playing since then! I try to upload daily boom videos and stream on twitch when I can. I thank every person that takes the time to watch, comment, and maybe leave a like on my videos it means the world to me! Thank you all!
– Ben

Boom Beach:

Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago. The fight becomes a race to harness the ancient powers hidden on the islands. Are you ready for the BOOM?

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Title: Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected
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  1. ben, go with 1 boat medics and rest granadier! trust me :P

  2. The grenades are basically mini-artillery shells: they can explode mines and hurt your troops, so you shouldn't use short range troops with them like scorchers and heavies. Another reason why grenadiers are stupid.

  3. And when u punch them u could just walk away cause they have terrible accuracy 

  4. Use the grenadiers in close bases that aren't to spread out they almost always over throw

  5. Hi Ben great video but I have a question on my statues.I was wondering if I should replace my life masterpiece which is a boost of 50% stone production with my dark masterpiece which I don't know what it does yet.Please answer as soon as possible.

  6. Haha, those faces at the end xD Nice video as always Ben~ 
    You never fail to make me smile.

  7. they are the worst troop EVER!

  8. Hey Ben can you plz come check out my base and evaluate it. My task force is zerodarkthirty1 and my name is Swagger2020

  9. Just all Grenadiers

  10. More grenadiers! max level next time

  11. I am hq 16 and my favourite troops are grenadiers and warriors,it's great for grenadiers that sometimes i get no casualties because when they shoot at the support building or a defense with small range,they destroy boom cannons and skiper towers behind,you don't even beef some protection because if you play good with them,no defenses but rl and sl can get them,i suggest to have 1 or 2 boats of medics just to protect them from rl,take out shock launcher or any single targeting building that you think can shoot them with artillery and barrage,if you want them in combo with some damage dealing unit pack them up with some tanks,keep up the good work and level up them as fast as you can.(I love riflemen and zookas to)

  12. The best part about Grenadiers is how mad Ben gets.  I hope Supercell keeps them around for a long time.


  14. Ben: (Punches Grenadier in the face.)
    Grenadier: I'm gonna kill ya!
    Ben: Go ahead.
    1 hour later…
    Grenadier: I can't hit you! Are you strong with the Force?
    Ben: Like from Star Wars?
    Grenadier: Yeah.
    Ben: Nope. You just sux. I'll help you. (Steps forward 5 feet. About 2 feet away from Grenadier.)
    Grenadier: Alright bro. GG. You win.
    Ben: @|| ¥0ur b@$€ @r€ b€|0n& +0 u$.

  15. Dude you don't get it xDDDD you're not supposed to use melee troops like warriors and scorchers with grenadiers, they'll just get hit by the grenadiers AND the other defenses in the backrow, which the grenadiers have no time to kill first… Try them alone (if you don't care of losing a bunch) or with tanks to "tank" the damage from ex. sniper towers…

  16. I dont understand the bitching about the grenadiers if you know they blow. Thats exactly why people just avoid using them. It seems entirely counterintuitive to me.

  17. What's your taskforce name

  18. Hey Ben, How about you try attacking dead end with max grenadiers, there are so many buildings that are so close together and they are "so drunk" they will just destroy everything. If you are going to do this, maybe you should boost GBE a lot. If not keep being a grenadier hater.

  19. Use tanks and grenadiers which is a very good combo

  20. @Bentimm1, hey m8 your using grenades wrong n deploing all your troops at once. I came up with a good grenade strategy that require 2 boat heavey, 1 medic, 2 grenade, n 2 zooka. as we know grenade can outrange most defences n their attack hits defences behind the intended target. so what you need to do at start of battle is, deploy grenade/medic ONLY, in safe spot where you can flare grenade men around safely. once they destroy the outer defences n you have 1min 30sec left of time, THEN you deploy heavy/zooka to finish off the hq

  21. my name is Tisiphone4 n im American. I was one, if not the first to come up with this stragey shortly after grenade update came out, I did not copy anyone

  22. Grenadiers are powerful, but horrible aim.

  23. Whats your task force called

  24. Bentimm1 is cool maar hij moet meer zjin verdediging upgraden boom beach ik ben level 30 join bootramp player met mij en jules mijn neef !,!!

  25. Hi ben instead of loading full try loading 6 boats of grenediers and other two boats medic its awesome to use than any other troops i love them im maxing my boats and got relief from collecting high resources as many players wont place anti-grenadier base so its lol for me if you wanna study using try to contact me lol !!!!!!!

    Power of grenediers is inaccuracy as it help to take out a base clean enough

    Thus i love your warrior strategies where i cant use them hats of to you for nice warriors handling


  26. Bro here are some tips… Bring 5 boats of grenadiers and 3 boats of medics and dont worry about the rockets try destroying the shock blasters snipers and boom canons, mortars are not a problem, grenadiers outrange canons also so you dont have to worry about them also, dont keep your grenadiers spread out, it will kill your raid and as you know they fail so much and they can hit the buildings that are behind, wich is good so you dont have to waste too much artilary, hope you read this coment and take my advice, good luck on using them
    I'm a grenadier lover!

  27. How are u so good ben

  28. I hate grenadeers to

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