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Grenadier Tips & Tricks

Basically, the grenadier fills an interesting niche of

“I want to blow those things up waaaay over there, but I don’t want to walk that close.”

  • Grenadiers can use time at the start of the battle to clear several defenses almost for free.
  • Grenadiers can soften up Boom Cannons and other defenses so single artillery shells or barrages can destroy them. If you main Tank and Medics, Grenadiers are a great addition as your Tanks can roll in right after with plenty of gunboat energy to spare.
  • Their long range allows them to punish bases that use low-medium range defenses and economy buildings on the front line. They can even out-range cannons if you attack them from the flat-side of the cannon (not the corner of the cannon)

Great Video of Grenadier Tactics

  • Grenadiers are excellent for clearing mines as their splash damage will blow up nearby mines in the area.
  • That being said, Grenadiers are very strong early in the attack, and their impact starts falling off once you move past the buffer defenses and start coming into range of the Sniper Towers, Boom Cannons, andMortars. With good energy usage though, you can even clear those obstacles with the energy you earn at the start.
  • When attacking the HQ, their inaccuracy starts becomes an issue though as they will miss 80% of their shots from range. You can To make up for this, in two ways.
    1. You can hold units with reliable firepower like zookas, riflemen, or tanks until the grenadiers do some damage/clear a path, and then deploy them to finish off the HQ.
    2. If you clear away all the defenses around the HQ, flaring your grenadiers close to it will allow them to hit it almost 100% of the time since their accuracy increases the closer they are to the target! This makes mass grenadier/medic strategies possible!

Fighting Against Grenadiers

  • Grenadiers perform best at the start of the mission when there are plenty of economy buildings and short-medium range defenses for them to lob grenades past. Therefore when constructing your base, you’ll either want to place such buildings away from the front line and/or have longer range defenses, like Sniper Towers,Mortars, Rocket Launchers, or Boom Cannons mixed in with them to deter grenadier attacks.
  • When placing your Mines, you should probably place them as a front line across the beach in front of your other buildings. The reason is that grenadiers will overshoot their targets, but they will never undershoot – thus your mines will be safe from stray explosions.
  • Rocket Launchers are great against Grenadiers especially if you have 2 high level ones. Position them so their firing ranges overlap and that could be a kill zone for grenadiers.
  • Shock Launchers are another great defense against Grenadiers as Grenadiers cannot easily focus on a shock launcher and delaying their attack can actually make it impossible for them to destroy your HQ in time!

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