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GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS! | Halo 5 Gameplay

Today we Play some Halo 5 on the Xbox One! and I give some Halo tips I Think?!
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  1. Good stuff Ben, I started gaming on Halo 2 back in 04 and since switched to COD, keep it up man.

  2. the name of that song is called peganerds-razorsharp

  3. halo, brings back so many memories, I was a beast too, not anymore tho, don't have Xbox anymore. sad face..

  4. I love Halo… even though i think reach was the best

  5. Why the hell is that caption annoying caption up for that long? Jeese man constructive feedback that should be a 6 second caption max. Don't make ur viewers see that in the middle of the screen for a whole 105 seconds-__-

  6. Yea halo 5 plz continue this series

  7. Nice vid, just wish you would have let us know that you have a loud controller.;)

  8. can you promote my task force like tell people to join.the task force name is ghost ninjas it is a star with green around it.my boom beach name is ak-47moblife I would appreciate it if you do ?

  9. anyone can join the task force

  10. More annoying than the controller noise was the giant message in the middle of the screen.

  11. u look cool with glasses on ! 😀 i love ur videos and id like to see more halo 5!

  12. Make more halo videos

  13. Bentimm1 please make more halo videos this was amazing

  14. nice change of pace bro! Great to see your channel growing and evolving! 

  15. You should use the assault rifle and dmr combo haha, and if you use short bursts with as assault rifle you'll get more damage with each shot because it's more accurate than holding down the fire button

  16. :'( I have been playing games literally since I was 2 and i USED to be a hardcore halo fanboy and a beast at PvP sadly since I played halo 4 and found how much 343 had managed ruined the halo feeling I can't stand to look at halo any more and that makes me sad…… :",(

  17. You should play some Stronghold or Warzone, that would be cool to watch.

  18. love how you change it up

  19. Am a huge fan of ur Ben, u should keep on making more halo 5 videos because ur pretty good at it, If u want we could play a game together

  20. Just read a couple comments before y'all continue to complain about the note on the screen.

  21. Ben you ruined your channel! Your channel is supposed to be "Bentimm1 – Boom Beach"!!!
    Not with Halo! Good video still to. I have not seen gameplay of this yet.

  22. get that shit off the middle of the screen. buh bye. dislike

  23. hey Ben keep uploading other gameplay ,tht would be awesome

  24. Most anoying thing in this video is that text about a controller… To damn long man that should be like 15secs not 3mins…

  25. Love halo 5 can you do more of these videos

  26. The apology text was way more annoying than the controller noises

  27. can't you buy new controller? :v

  28. we have to play together bro

  29. We get it your controller is loud. didn't even watch

  30. Halo is great man I used to love halo three as well that's one of the first games I ever played then I got into mobile games like boom and clash keep it up man!

  31. you should play halo more

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