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Get Ready!

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  1. i heard mary something are you getting married

  2. Play some pokemon go! 😀


  4. Molt looks like Rick fromTWD!

  5. New York? When!!! Where???

  6. finally something different that some games

  7. So excited for the vlogs. Could you maybe do a Pokemon go video as well👍👍👍

  8. you guys make a cute couple congrats

  9. I'm so sad now that he'l get married less videos

  10. hey niky.. u like a mr. bean.. i love it.. haha. 😂

  11. you both look oddly HD

  12. Molt looks dumb in those glasses

  13. U guys look cool,i dont know why

  14. of course. idk saw MOLT coming his singing would be heard miles off

  15. What did he say in the beginning sorry I couldn't understand what he said

  16. wait? what? DENVER!!!! I LIVE THERE!!!

  17. No entendí el 30% de lo que dijo pero bueno :'v

  18. U should come Canada NewFoundLand

  19. At 33 he was about to call him lachlan

  20. wait whose wedding is it?

  21. This was nice to see, like theme in like, human form? Idk

  22. Everone subscribers pls

  23. me and my class are going to ny tomorrow hope to run into you guy's we are from Wisconsin

  24. Was I the only one who thought molt was taller than nick

  25. Congrats on Wedding Buddy.

  26. Imagine you're walking down the street and you see nick and molt on the sidewalk and nick has this huge GoPro in his hand and molt is just behind him dancing around lol

  27. you play… fucking… pokemon go…

  28. How awkward would it be to be carrying a camera filming yourself in public lol…

  29. Fact:I can't believe the the human eye missed the 2nd the

  30. I would to meet you guys someday, you seem like fun people

  31. molt u are look very disgusting

  32. AHey nick where are you actually frm

  33. They were in downtown denver 😢

  34. I heard chief pat got fired from NASA

    Apparently he missed the rocket launch

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