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Force Points


  • Force Points measure how effective your Task Force is in the war against the Blackguard.
  • A Task Force wins one Force Point for every building that it destroys in an Operation.
  • The Task Force Leaderboards are based on Force Point totals. A higher Force Point total puts a Task Force higher on its Leaderboard.


  • The maximum amount of Force Points that you can get from an Operation is shown below its title on the Operation map. To get this amount, your Task Force would have to completely destroying all of the power bases in that Operation.
  • Destroying the power core on a power base will set off a chain reaction that destroys any remaining Buildings on the power base which rewards you with the all of the Force Points possible for that power base.
  • You do not have to destroy an entire power base to receive Force Points from it. Even destroying just one building will give you one Force Point.
  • Your Task Force’s Force Point total decreases by 5% each day.
    • For example, if your Task Force has 200 Force Points, it will lose 10 Force Points at the end of the day. So keep collecting those Force Points to stay high on the Leaderboard.
  • The number of Force Points that the Task Force wins after an Operation is a factor in determining how good the Operation Reward that people in the Task Force receive is. More Force Points means a greater reward.
  • Note that destroying every power base does not instantly end the Operation. You do not get the Force Points until the Operation ends.


  • Force Points are similar to Victory Points in the sense that both determine ranks on Leaderboards, but Victory Points are for single player and Force Points are for multiplayer.
  • The maximum amount of Force Points that a team can currently have is 32,000. This is due to the maximum take of 1,600 Force Points per day, but also losing 5% of the total per day.


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