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Everything about Task Forces

Launch co-operative attacks against giant Blackguard Power Bases!

Forum exclusive info:
✔ These Blackguard bases are hard – like, crazy hard – and trying to solo them would be a mistake!
✔ Co-ordinating your efforts via chat is going to be key.
✔ Each Task Force member gets to make one attack during the operation.
✔ Each operation has a maximum amount of Force Points to collect.
✔ Force Points determine your operation reward and position on the leaderboards.
✔ The operation reward is delivered to your home base via boat when the operation ends.
✔ Every Task Force member gets an operation reward, irrespective of the damage they deal during the operation.
✔ The amount of operation reward depends on the success of the operation and your XP level.
✔ You earn Force Points by destroying any Power Base building.
✔ Destroy the Power Core to earn all Force Points for that particular Power Base.
✔ Each Power Base can be attacked by one person at a time and the damage they cause is persistent.
✔ You can spectate live attacks and watch replays afterwards.

Use your intel and chat with your Task Force to pick the right target!

Forum exclusive info:
✔ Use your Task Force’s intel to launch operations.
✔ Only the Task Force Leader and Officers can launch operations.
✔ Higher intel cost operations will be harder, but will also offer greater rewards for success.
✔ Earn Force Points!
✔ More Force Points mean more rewards and more fame (on the leaderboards)!
✔ When you launch an operation, two or more bases are revealed for your Task Force to attack.
✔ Each operation lasts 24 hours.

Gather intel for your Task Force to uncover the Blackguard mainland!

“Commander, our troops recently captured secret Blackguard intel. Now we know why they’ve been hoarding all those Power Stones! Among the intel were schematics for Power Cores: new power generators with unheard of capacity, fueled by Power Stones. With access to limitless power, the Blackguard’s war production is poised to completely overwhelm us. If we wait, the outcome of this war is already decided – we must act now! Commander, organize a Task Force and strike at the Blackguard mainland. Destroy as many Power Cores as you can, and keep us in this fight!” – Task Force Command

Forum exclusive info:
✔ Gather intel from attack and defense.
✔ Intel belongs to your Task Force – if you leave, you don’t take it with you.
✔ Intel contributions from each Task Force member are visible to everyone.
✔ Intel contributions reset to zero each week, but your Task Force’s total intel doesn’t.

Soon you’ll be able to join forces with other players and fight the Blackguard together!!

Forum exclusive info:
✔ Task Forces will come in four different max player sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50.
✔ You start at 5 and can choose to increase to 10, 25 or 50.
✔ Once you increase your Task Force’s max player size, you can NEVER decrease it again (this is because there are separate leaderboards for each size bracket).
✔ Bigger Task Forces can take on more difficult operations and potentially get greater rewards, but the challenge of successfully coordinating at a larger scale should be considered!
✔ Task Forces become available at HQ 6.
✔ You can only join one Task Force at a time.
✔ Customize your Task Force’s logo in 3,360 unique ways!

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