• The Dr. T, Colonel Gearheart’s War Factory, Hammerman Strikes Back and Imitation Game events occur in a 7 day cycle.
  • One of these events will start at 6 a.m. each day (according to your time zone).
  • That event will end at 3 a.m. the following day (according to your time zone).
  • These times are affected by Daylight Saving Time.
  • Each event lasts 21 hours.

december, 2018

9dec - 10dec 906:00dec 10Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

10dec - 11dec 1006:00dec 11Hammerman Strikes Back

11dec - 12dec 1106:00dec 12Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

12dec - 13dec 1206:00dec 13Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

13dec - 14dec 1306:00dec 14Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

14dec - 15dec 1406:00dec 15Imitation Game

15dec - 16dec 1506:00dec 16Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

16dec - 17dec 1606:00dec 17Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

17dec - 18dec 1706:00dec 18Hammerman Strikes Back

18dec - 19dec 1806:00dec 19Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

19dec - 20dec 1906:00dec 20Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

20dec - 21dec 2006:00dec 21Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

21dec - 22dec 2106:00dec 22Imitation Game

22dec - 23dec 2206:00dec 23Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2

23dec - 24dec 2306:00dec 24Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2

24dec - 25dec 2406:00dec 25Hammerman Strikes Back

25dec - 26dec 2506:00dec 26Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1

26dec - 27dec 2606:00dec 27Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1

27dec - 28dec 2706:00dec 28Colonel Gearheart's War Factory

28dec - 29dec 2806:00dec 29Imitation Game