• The events occur in a 6 days cycle.
  • Events will start at 6am each day (according to your timezone).
  • Events will end at 3am the following day (according to your timezone).
  • Each event lasts 21 hours.

february, 2017

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17feb - 18feb 1705:00feb 18Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2
19feb - 20feb 1905:00feb 20Hammerman Strikes Back
20feb - 21feb 2005:00feb 21Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1
21feb - 22feb 2105:00feb 22Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1
22feb - 23feb 2205:00feb 23Colonel Gearheart's War Factory
23feb - 24feb 2305:00feb 24Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 2
24feb - 25feb 2405:00feb 25Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 2
26feb - 27feb 2605:00feb 27Hammerman Strikes Back
27feb - 28feb 2705:00feb 28Dr. Terror's Tropical Island 1
28feb - 1marfeb 2805:00mar 1- 02:00Dr. Terror's Volcano Island 1