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Event Changes Coming Next Update

Commanders, brace yourselves! We’re going to shake up the current event system (Dr. Terror) in the next update.

The reason is two-fold: Firstly, we’ve always thought that 20 Terror stages in one day was a bit too much and resulted in two, almost compulsory, big sessions a week. We think it would be preferable and more scalable to have more frequent, but shorter events. This leads on to the second reason – we want to add more events!

With the current Wednesday/Saturday schedule we’re tied to choosing days of the week and can’t be as flexible when adding new events. Our plan is to have an event on every day! We’re initially thinking of having a six-day cycle (meaning that each week the events will shift by one day) that would look something like this:

Day 1 – Terror Island (7 stages)
Day 2 – Terror Volcano (7 stages)
Day 4 – Terror Island (7 stages)
Day 5 – Terror Volcano (7 stages)
Day 1 – etc.

How will this affect Dr. Terror?

Loot – We’re changing the loot curve to give more loot in the early Terror stages than he currently gives, but a bit less in the later stages.

Power Stones – This should remain largely the same with four guaranteed Crystals for completing days 1+4 (like Wednesday Terror) and four guaranteed Crystals for completing days 2+5 (like Saturday Terror), in addition to the usual random drop chance Power Stones.

Difficulty – Stage 1 and stage 7 of the new Terror will be about the same difficulty as stage 1 and stage 20 of the current Terror, respectively. Therefore, the difficulty increase per stage will be bigger.

Now before all hell breaks loose, we know this will reduce the loot potential on Wednesday and Saturday and probably change how you play, but we hope it will change for the better after getting used to it. Loot will be more evenly distributed throughout the week and the new events will give some pretty cool stuff too!

This plan isn’t set in stone yet and the update is still several weeks away, so if you have some preliminary and open-minded thoughts about it, please leave them below

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  1. Hi,

    I think this is a good update and it will really help to bridge the gap between the lower level players since they can upgrade more often. However, there are a few problem to this.

    1. Even if we are to win all the terror events and clear the map, we may not be able to gain enough resources for the bigger upgrades. Let’s face it, not everyone is as good as the game as the top players. It won’t be very fair this way. This is especially so for the super big upgrades like tanks where you need 7Mil gold. Come on, it’s going to be very difficult to get that much gold when you are being attacked so much and you don’t have enough opponents on your map!
    2. The bigger upgrades are almost always more than a day long. This means throwing a lot of resources away or using a lot of diamonds to speed up the upgrades.

  2. Basically I would appreciate a more evenly spread of events and loot. But please tell me how to collect 8 millions of gold for an update with 15 and more raids a day ? The vault is by far to small for this, so actually the only chance is the saturday event.

    • Build a scarier base and no one will raid you 😉 also helps to not “find new opponent” on ur map too often cuz it always results in a higher level player than the one u are switching for. I’m bout to lol 34 and basically my whole map is lvl31s and I get attacked an average of 8x a week and once or twice at most successfully raided. To be honest, I haven’t been AS active lately, only logging in5x a day and rarely raiding player bases, just keeping track of resources, doing my task force attack, and building shit. I almost wish I got attacked more because I like seeing where I am weak and learning strategies.

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