Doom Cannon

“Shoots a Doom Ray that destroys most targets outright. Slow rate of fire.”

DoomCannonI DoomCannonII DoomCannonIII
Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3


  • The Doom Cannon is a prototype weapon that is built in the Weapon Lab.
  • Like all prototype weapons, it will only last a certain amount of time after it is placed on your base.
  • This defense has very high damage per shot. Only Scorchers are likely to be able to survive just one shot from the Doom Cannon.


  • Try to place Doom Cannons away from Boom Cannons to stop attackers from disabling multiple high damage-per-shot defenses with one Shock Bomb.
  • Place Doom Cannons behind splash defenses. This allows them to shoot many times, while at the same time being protected from massed infantry.
  • Similar to the Boom Cannon, the Doom Cannon is very effective in damaging high-health troops like Tanks and Scorchers.


  • Like the Cannon and the Boom Cannon, the Doom Cannon fires very slowly and thus is very vulnerable to massed infantry attacks. This means Riflemen and/or Zookaswill be your best chance to defeat this defense.


  • At Mark I, the Doom Cannon appears as a small glowing turret on a red-and-black stand in a pit lined with black railing. A red box and some wires are connected to it.
  • At Mark II, the Doom Cannon has a more refined pit wall and red and black covering around the railing.
  • At Mark III, the Doom Cannon has more improved covering around the rail, and the lower portion of the stand turns red. A wire is added at the base. The red box is replaced with two gray pipes. A third long pipe also appears at the front.


  • The Doom Cannon has the highest Damage Per Second and Damage Per Shot out of all the defenses in the game.
Building Size Range Damage Type
3×3  18  Single


Mark Number Health Damage Per Second Damage Per Shot Attack Speed Build Cost Build Time
Fuses Gears Rods Capacitors
1 15,000 1,500 5,250 5s 0 3 0 3 1h
2 20,000 2,500 8,750 4s 3 6 0 3 4h
3 25,000 4,500 15,750 3s 0 3 9 6 12h

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