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  1. i love you thanks For makeing low level video

  2. Asks us to comment the name of the ability, then goes to check the name of the ability
    Jimmy logic!

  3. spamming those diamonds I see

  4. 21k diamonds, what a fuckin moron

  5. please sent me to gems my name is Mayur

  6. awsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. what's ur task force name I wanna join .I am at HQ 6

  8. cosmic duo ur task force name

  9. more diamond spending spree

  10. I love to see your videos, cause it helps me with my game play. Make a video taking down resource base's, with heavy & Zooka.

  11. OK cosmic duo just give ur task force name so that I can join when I'm strong

  12. that "h e r o" update is fucking bad, that's only for them(nerds) who is gonna spend money for that game, nothing good for us, for BB players who always do fair play

  13. sharpnel grenade is perfect for clearing mines behind defenses, and some decent dps

  14. Yeah I spent about 30,000 diamonds little over

  15. How do you say you spent 21,000 diamonds on heroes there's no possible way not on this account