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Defence Building Layout

Don’t have your defences touching each other, Artillary has splash damage, meaning if you have to defences touching each other, the Artillary can destroy both defences

Lower HeadQuarters (1-9)

HeadQuarters layout 1

With this layout, you dont have much defence buildings. But it is still easy to defend yourself, unless your attacker has tanks then you have very little chance. With your HQ to the side, it’s easy to defened with only the front and back that your opponent can attack from. When placing your defences its best to have your Sniper Towers around the HQ and Mortars behind, both still touching your HQ. If you have Cannons, put the Cannons at the front of the HQ (Touching HQ) and move the Sniper Towers Around the Cannons. With left over Machine Guns (FlameThrower if available) Around the HQ and other defences


Adjust according to your amount of defences you have

BaseLayout 1

Higher HeadQuarters (10+)

HeadQuarters layout 2

Dodo20001219's base

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