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Defeating the NEW Dr. Terror!

Terror stage 1 (Level 8)

Terror stage 1 is a HQ level 8, with a single Shock Launcher. Have no fear as I have a brilliant technique to easily take this one down! Shock Launchers are one of the best defenses, but when alone they have a huge weakness!

If you can see in this picture when attacked by Heavies and Zookas the Shock Launcher will fire at the Heavies and the Zookas are untouched! Simply attack from the front with a Heavy/Zooka team, leaving a space between them and you can take this down with no casualties!! Be careful to leave space between heavies and Zookas or the Zookas will be hit on the walk there!

Dr Terror

Terror Stage 2 (Level 9)

Terror stage 2 is HQ level 9, with a single Flame Thrower standing guard! Dr. Terror made an error while constructing this base’s defense! Attack with Zookas, or Riflemen along the right side and easily finish this stage off with no casualties!

Dr Terror Stage

Terror stage 3 (Level 15)

Boom Beach HQ Dr Terror Stage

Terror stage 3 is HQ level 15, and guarding it are the formidable Shock Launcher, three Sniper Towers and a Flame Thrower. Not to worry as your Zookas will be able to take this with no casualties!

  1. Fire your artillery to kill the 2 Sniper Towers in the front
  2. Launch a flare to position your Zookas right below the box on the right. (They will take the box out and be just out of range of the Shock Launcher!)
  3. Be careful not to send to many Zookas as they might stack and then be hit by the Shock Launcher, we don’t want that!

Boom Beach HQ Dr Terror Stage

Terror stage 4 (Level 18)

Terror stage 4 is HQ level 18. This is the first base Dr. Terror has that we can’t simply crush, haha he must have learned his lesson! For this base I used half Rifleman and half Zookas. With two Rocket Launchers and a Boom Cannon being are primary threats I found the easiest way to deal with this is to:

  1. Take out Rocket Launcher on right with Artillery
  2. Deploy all troops on the right, making sure to kill the two idle building on the far right of the map.
  3. Flare your troops to directly above the large stone, and wait a couple of seconds.
  4. Throw a Shock Bomb between the Mortar and the Rocket Launcher being sure to hit both.
  5. Be sure to keep shocking the Rocket Launcher and Mortar, and throw a Medkit if necessary.


Terror stage 5 (Level 24)

Terror stage 5 is HQ level 24. Dr. Terror is really stepping up his game with this one! While initially intimidating this base can be beaten! Dr. Terror has done a very well in constructing this base and the only way of taking it down is to overpower it. I prefered to go with the Heavy/Zooka combination. I like to split my Heavy/Zooka (or Hooka) combo 50/50 half of my boats are filled with Heavies and half with Zookas.

Note I am a relatively high level player so I only used two of my boats for this one, but for me that is 4 Heavies and 8 Zookas.

Boom Beach HQ Dr Terror Stage

  1. Fire a single round of Artillery at the Boom Mine in the center. If you’re accurate, you can hit both the Cannon and the Mortar as well as the Boom Mine with a single shot! (1+1/2. Depending on how much energy and damage your artillery rounds do, shoot down the Rocket Launcher and Mortar in the top of the base.)
  2. Deploy troops at the very bottom of the deploy-able area and support them with shock launchers when necessary. (I would try to hit the Rocket Launcher and Cannon still remaining as well as the Sniper and Mortar between them.)

Terror stage 6 (Level 28)

Terror stage 6 is HQ level 28. Now we’re getting tricky, and there is no shame in defeat.

Dr. Terror has prepared an intense base defense. There are no openings, so the only way to do this is by overpowering him. But there is an area very susceptible to a well placed Shock Bomb. For this base I used 1 boat of Zookas and the rest of my boats filled with Rifleman.

Boom Beach HQ Dr Terror

  1. Deploy Zookas to kill Flamethrower
  2. Deploy all Rifleman just before Flamethrower dies.
  3. Launch a Shock Bomb, and try to hit all 5 of the towers remaining on right. Make sure to do this before your troops are within range of the Rocket Launcher, or Shock Launcher.
  4. Repeat launching the Shock Bomb onto those towers until the Shock and Rocket Launcher are gone, and support troops as necessary to finish off the remaining defenses.

The guide stops here, but you don’t have to! Press onward Commander, and bring the evil reign of Dr. Terror to an end! At least for a little while.


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