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Damage Amplifier

“Amplifies the damage output of all nearby defenses using a high voltage hyperbolic gauss overdrive field.”

DamageAmplifierI DamageAmplifierII DamageAmplifierIII
Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3


  • The Damage Amplifier is a Prototype Defense that is built in the Weapon Lab.
  • Like all Prototype Defenses, it will only last 12 days after it is placed on your base.
  • This device does no damage on its own, but it greatly improves the damage dealt by other Defensive Buildings near it.
  • It works like a Defensive Building Damage statue (albeit with a limited sphere of influence) and adds to the damage boost of the affected defenses, not multiplying it.


  • The range of the Damage Amplifier is relatively short, so it is best to place only Defensive Buildings near it.
  • Since the defenses must be clustered around the amplifier, try not to place several of the same type of defense near it since they will be vulnerable to being shocked together.
    • Two defenses placed on opposite sides of the amplifier each two tiles away from it will be far enough apart to be impossible to shock both with just one Shock Bomb.


  • Keep in mind that, once the Damage Amplifier is destroyed either by troops or Gunboat Weaponry, the remaining buildings beside it will no longer be affected by the Damage Amplifier, thus reverting the defensive building’s damage back to when it was not yet affected by the Damage Amplifier.
  • It is generally best to deal with the amplified cluster of defenses using Shock Bombs to stop the high amounts of damage that the amplifier will enable the defenses to do.


  • Initially, the Damage Amplifier is a large blue box on some planks. It has two claws that are holding a small crystal. There is a length of wire running down one side.
  • At Mark 2, the wooden planks are replaced with a metal base. The wire grows substantially longer, and is coiled up. There is a smaller black box with a lightning symbol on one side of the Amplifier, which the wire connects to.
  • At Mark 3, the claws turn golden.


  • This is the only way to improve your existing defenses’ other than Statues.
  • The Damage Amplifier is the only Prototype Defense or Defensive Building that does not deal direct damage.
Building Size Range Ability
3×3  5.6 Boosts the amount of damage that defenses near it deal. Does not deal damage by itself.


Mark Number Health Damage Boost Build Cost Build Time Weapon Lab
level Required
Fuses Gears Rods Capacitors
1 20,000 50% 3 0 3 0 1h 1
2 27,500 75% 0 3 3 6 4h 3
3 35,000 100% 9 3 6 0 12h 5

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