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“The Cryoneer freezes enemy buildings, slowing them down and dealing moderate damage. Be careful, as your own troops can get hit by the Freeze Beam!”


  • The Cryoneer is unlocked at Headquarters level 20, making it the ninth troop to unlock, and currently the last one to be unlocked.
  • It shoots Freeze Beams from a moderate range with a beam-rake effect similar to a Lazor Beam, slowing any defenses and troops that come in its way, also dealing low damage to buildings.
    • They do not deal damage to troops.
    • The firing rate of frozen enemy turrets is reduced by 50%.
  • Unlike other area-of-effect troops such as the Grenadier their weapons do not trigger Mines.


  • Cryoneers will spread themselves out to cover as many targets as possible. Keep this in mind.
  • Due to their low damage per second, they are not recommended to be used alone. Combine them with Zookas or other high-damage troops to alleviate this.
  • Since they slow down the firing rate of enemy turrets effectively dropping their damage output by a percentage instead of a raw number, they are endlessly useful for supporting other troop formations like Heavy-Zooka even on bases with very high damage boosts like Gearheart or upper-level Operation bases, unlike Medics whose raw-point-value healing effect gets quickly overpowered in these situations. The Heavy-Zooka-Cryo formation is very, very effective.


  • Cryoneers have moderate health so a Cannon or Boom Cannon can take her down in one shot if it is high-leveled.
  • Due to this moderate amount of health, a few salvos from a Rocket Launcher or a few shots from Mortars may also work on wiping out a few Cryoneers at once.
  • Avoid clustering defenses whenever possible because this provides Cryoneers the opportunity to freeze more defenses at once.


  • They are currently the fastest-firing troop. However, this only accounts for when the beam is being shot. There is an approximate 3.5 second delay in between attacks.
  • The name ‘Cryoneer’ may be a pun of ‘Cryo’ and ‘Engineer’.
  • The Cryoneer has dozens of catchphrases which can be viewed by tapping her info button in the Armory. Almost every single one of these is either a reference, a pun, or both. They include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Ice. Ice. Baby
    • Allow Me To Break The Ice
    • All The Cool Kids Are Doing It
    • You Don’t Need Hot Pants To Look Cool
    • I’m A Special Snowflake
    • Let It Snow
    • Winter is Coming
    • Let It Go
    • Science is Cool
    • Humble Pie Served Cold
    • I’m A Stone Cold Freezer
    • My Game Froze!
    • Cool It, Hot Stuff
    • Snowblinded Me With Science
    • Cool Party!
    • Iceberg Right Ahead
    • Cold Spell Coming
    • The Ice Age Is Coming
    • Feel The Chill
  • The Cryoneer is the most expensive troop to fill up a fully upgraded set of Landing Craft (672,000 gold for maximum level Cryoneers; maximum level Grenadiers’ 608,000 is a close second).
  • The Cryoneer is the only troop to have multiple catchphrases.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Splash Radius
Speed Reduction
Freeze Duration
Headquarters Level Required
HQ Icon
4 8m Moderate / 250 Medium / 6 Tiles 12 freezing pulses every 0.075s then 2s reload 1 Tile 50% 5s 20


Level Hitpoints DPS Damage per Shot Beam Extension Technology Training Cost Research Cost Armory Research Time Instant XP Gain
1 700 95 7.12 0 7,000 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 763 100 7.5 1 8,000 7,400,000 20 4d 4h 2,435 101
3 832 105 7.87 2 9,000 7,600,000 20 4d 6h 2,480 102
4 907 110 8.25 3 10,000 7,800,000 20 4d 8h 2,523 103
5 988 115 8.62 4 11,000 8,000,000 20 4d 10h 2,567 105
6 1,077 121 9.07 5 12,000 8,200,000 20 4d 12h 2,610 107
7 1,174 127 9.52 6 13,000 8,400,000 21 4d 14h 2,654 109
8 1,280 134 10.05 7 14,000 8,600,000 22 4d 16h 2,699 111

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  1. What does the fire rate and dps really mean for this troop? How much damage does it do to each target for each beam sweep? It seems like they do almost no damage. Also how much longer does the beam get? 7 doesn’t mean anything to me

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