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Clash Royale + Boom Beach = RAID HQ?!

New iOS/Android Game RAID HQ is Clash Royale & Boom Beach?!
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  1. it's actually like cartel kings too

  2. Slipknot sal….. Really

  3. why isnt the kitty purple in the intro?

  4. where do u get the game?it isnt in play store

  5. Why does the cards look like Soldier, Pyro and Heavy from tf2

  6. 1:32 Have you ever played Space Invaders?

  7. Raid HQ also borrows heavily from a game called tactile wars. And the guy in the app icon looks like the heavy from tf2. Raid doesn't seem to have very many original concepts

  8. Nick at night
    Illuminati confirmed

  9. nick play youtubers life

  10. i cant download this game on andriod please tell me y nick

  11. Hey join my clan corruption with a shark

  12. I would prefer either clash royals or boom beach than this game

  13. This game fun, I'm already level 59 lol

  14. why does it say subscribe!vvvvvvvv

  15. its…its…terrible…keep doin what youre doing!

  16. will it come out on android

  17. Can u play call of duty heroes it's like clash of clans but COD themed

  18. i cant find the game in the google playstore

  19. Keep doing this Game!!!

  20. This game looks good butt it dont let me load it it only say contacting server (sry about bad english I am serbian)

  21. I just went and downloaded this game ?

  22. DO MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. this looks good. I'm gonna go download it now.

  24. is this on Android

  25. Nick love the game what clan r u in

  26. I looked in the play store and I didn't find the game 🙁 it's not for Android

  27. this is a good game

  28. Start a raid HQ series

  29. +nickatnyte how to download it on android it dosnt show upp

  30. I love it best game play more

  31. even tho its a ripoff?? it seems good

  32. Please do more of this game!!

  33. is this gameglobal or what!?

  34. is this game global or what!.

  35. can you make more boom beach videos

  36. you're stupid you doesn't Link the game

  37. I can't find it on my Android on Google play plz help me

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