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Clash of Clans | YouTuber Clan War! Nordic Players + Chief Pat, Galadon, Nickatnyte & Molt!

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Clash of Clans YouTuber and High Level Player Clan War! Players from Nordic Clash teamed up with a few of us YouTubers for a special surprise war!

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  1. Hey Guys! I Just Made A Clan And I Was Wonder If AnyOne Was Interested In Joining Id Really Appreciate It! We Will Be A War Clan. To Join, Just Type This Clan Tag: #LCVLLRL8 Thanks Guys (^_^)

  2. "2 stars win wars" – s/o to Molt

  3. Finally molt is thereBut wheres mystlc7 and cam?

  4. Wait who is playing on nick other account

  5. Nick, can u lower down trophies to 1400 in teachboombeach?
    I'm a big fan so pls help me 🙂

  6. strong attacks Nick. your attack is always good

  7. ik most of you guys wont read this but i am a small clash YouTuber i would be super happy if y'all could subscribe to me <3

  8. nick plz join my clan MEGA lightning it is spelled like that so plz join my clan

  9. just made up the best idea im about to jizz my god dam pants.
    the best feature they could ever add is when you click on the donations click on a troop you want to donate and it donates right away and just takes elixer/ dark elixer away from you.
    so basically it doesnt come from your camps . that would save worries about army camps being full so you cannot doante the requested troop right away. and it would save troop time. the reasoning i say they should do this is because the spell donations would be very difficult to donate cause less spell space and requested spells wouldnt be there for you right away. so clash of clans needs to take this idea would help us players very much. SHARE THE WORD WE NEED THIS ADD ON MAKE OUR LIVES EasiER SUPER CELL

  10. nick you fockin ass and im a boy tho you fockin bich

  11. hahaha …./ nice attack

  12. Nick try 8 earthquakes and 20 witchs

  13. join the clan all you people with team ruff in it

  14. please please please please please please please please please please please please

  15. that will help our clan for a champion to be in our clan

  16. that will help our clan for a champion to be in our clan

  17. 4 earthquakes take a lot of space,i think its better to use a jump so he can take another spell

  18. Make A Halo Video Pls !!!

  19. I dont get what makes so man people play Clash Of Crap"Clans" stupid not getting the surviving troops back after 1 battle, saving up for a high upgrade and getting raided while not being protected by a timer lke in Boom Beach!!!!!

  20. Wow nick !!! 8 quakes and 8 golems ! That's the wackiest strategy I have ever seen. Great imagination!

  21. i have a drawing of townhall 12

  22. why u kick leader jerk much

  23. I am getting balloons!!!!!..

  24. nickatnyte trap was given away?

  25. too bad… You cheated your leader he given you co. And you kicked him…. Very bad. You are loser cheating clan. 😬😬😬

  26. nick join THIS CLAN VJs NonWar Clan

  27. 10:21 clash with cam reference

  28. Nick can I join I am a youtuber plz

  29. nick please please please please join my clan in clash of clans it's Georgia Boys my name is ALDO in clash of clans in silver

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