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Clash of Clans | RIVALRY CLAN WAR! | Super Epic Raids Attacking My Old Friends!

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  1. When is the P.E.K.K.A. song coming out.

  2. 1:12 am I hallucinating or does the king actually go through the wall?? Kf so, then.. glitch found!

  3. I remember Angels and Devils 

  4. the poison spell kills your troops to FYI 

  5. +nickatnyte please lower your clans trophies i love your videos and i liked pretty much all of your videos

  6. Keep up the amazing work nick!

  7. Love your videos nick keep up the good work 

  8. I am only a level 72 and got the game about 3 years ago but quit for a year and don't really play it

  9. For boom beach my task force tag #2LG08UQ0

  10. It's funny cause there is a guy in my clan named red with all lowercase letters, and he is TH 6 I think, are the same names allowed for different people?

  11. Nick your the best clasher ever and the best youtuber ever you tots deserve 50,000,000 subs!!!! 

  12. Oh my god all the gowipe hurts to watch, save me onehive!

  13. Bringing quakes on that one attack was such a waste, you used 2spell space bringing 4 dark spells when a single jump would have allowed for another spell smh

  14. Y would u bring 4 quake spells to break through 1 layer of walls??? U could have brought two jump spell for that!!

  15. Nick, I still don't understand the swap for the Quake spells because your saying it allows for a freeze but the 4 quakes takes 4 spell capacity while a jump only takes 2 so you can swap out the quake spells for 1 jump plus another spell such as a second freeze or another rage for the exact same effect as the 4 quake spells. IMO the quake spells are completely useless and you are handicapping your attacks by bringing 4 quakes. just my opinion though.

  16. I dont think u understand the new spells. You brought 4 earthquake spells, because you thought that saved space, but it took up 4 spell space, and you could have replaced them with 2 elixir spells (jump and freeze) which would have made your attack easier. Learn the new spells please

  17. very sportsman like, nick: I dont care about my king or queen I'm going in for blood

  18. What's up! Join my clan! Its "LaurisBalodisLv".

  19. Nick what date did you start playing? I started on the 2nd of August, it will be my 3 year clash anniversary in just over a week but I will be on holiday :(

  20. 4:45– but he's got balls so he done it- nickatnyte 2015 

  21. Thanks a lot nick. Nice sharing . 

  22. Nick can u accept my invite to ur clan my name is AMBUSH2100 on clash th9…trying to join u or WITE Lightning plz accept WITES clan is on closed accept it plz and Chloe out my channel

  23. that is the war base from their #1 on pride war !??!
    how do you have 500K subs ?!?!?

  24. 1:15 the king went through the wall

  25. Im not gonna lie i tried some many times to click on war map

  26. That max th10 base you attacked had a piece of shit design, shouldve been 3*d. And no its not "rare" to get 50%-70%, you do realize that in a real war clan th10s get 3*d.

  27. Oh I remember AngelsvsDevils! Such a long time man.

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