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“The Cryoneer freezes enemy buildings, slowing them down and dealing moderate damage. Be careful, as your own troops can get hit by the Freeze Beam!” The Cryoneer is unlocked at Headquarters level 20, making it the ninth troop to unlock, and currently the last one to be unlocked. It shoots Freeze Beams from a moderate range with a beam-rake effect ...

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“The Scorcher is a massive, armored unit with a short range and attention span. It takes a boatload of Energy to deploy and leaves with a bang, harming everything nearby.” The Scorcher is unlocked at Headquarters level 18. Each Scorcher costs 12 Gunboat Energy to deploy. After attacking a building for a few seconds, the Scorcher will change targets even ...

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“The Grenadier is a big and powerful ranged unit that deals area damage – rather inaccurately! Be careful about sending troops in front of him, as they might get caught in a grenade blast.” The Grenadier is the seventh troop to unlock. It is unlocked at Headquarters level 16. He throws grenades that can do splash damage. His throws are ...

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“Make love, not war! The Medic is opposed to all kinds of violence. Instead of grabbing a rifle, he heals other troops to help our cause.” ​The Medic requires Level 15 Headquarters, making it the last troop to unlock. The Medic heals other troops, increasing their survivability. Medics are the only Troops that ignore flares. They only follow injured Troops, and if none of ...

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“With its powerful gun and thick armor, the Tank is a real war machine! Due to its weight, each Tank needs extra Energy to land ashore. Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines deal double damage to Tanks” The Tank is the fifth troop to unlock in the game. They are unlocked at Headquarters level 11. The Tank has slow movement speed but very high health, ...

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“The tribal warrior is an awesome sight in battle. He charges fearlessly, knowing that his Crystal Hammer will heal him with every blow.” The Warrior is the fourth troop unlocked in the game. It is unlocked upon reaching Headquarterslevel 8. Warriors use melee attacks rather than guns, and have relatively high damage. Warriors have the fastest movement speed out of ...

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“For long-rage attacks, call in the Zooka. A few Zookas can completly devistate a whole enemy base, but don’t let them come under fire from enemy turrets” Zookas are the third troop to unlock, unlocked at Headquarters Level 5. Zookas have very high DPS, but their health is very low. Zookas have longer range than most other troops. Due to their low ...

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“The Heavy can absorb a lot of damage and still keep moving forward. He’s happy to shield other troops from fire, and will take a beating to dish one out!” The Heavy is the second troop unlocked in the game. The Heavy is a “meat shield” troop as it has the second highest health in the game. The Heavy is ...

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 “Rifleman at the ready! Basic infantry units, the Riflemen are able to deal out and withstand moderate damage. In large enough numbers, they are almost unstoppable.” The Rifleman is the first troop in the game. They are unlocked as soon as your game begins. Riflemen are good average troops with moderate HP, damage, and attack range. They require the lowest ...

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