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Task Force

Task Forces are collaborative groups of players. You must have at least a level 6 Headquarters to create a Task Force. You can join a Task Force without having a level 6 or higher Headquarters, but you must be invited to the Task Force through the Friends List. Users in a Task Force can chat with each other. Players in ...

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Operations are missions where a Task Force tries to take down a Blackguard factory Each Operation has multiple power bases to attack. Each player can only attack once during the Operation. Each Operation lasts 24 hours. The Operation will never end before the 24 hours are up, even if you completely destroy every power base in the Operation. When the ...

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Force Points

Force Points measure how effective your Task Force is in the war against the Blackguard. A Task Force wins one Force Point for every building that it destroys in an Operation. The Task Force Leaderboards are based on Force Point totals. A higher Force Point total puts a Task Force higher on its Leaderboard. The maximum amount of Force Points ...

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“Collect Intel to start Task Force operations!” Players in a Task Force collect Intel which is used to start Operations in the BlackguardMainland. Intel belongs to your Task Force. If you leave that Task Force, you do not take your gathered Intel with you. Individual Intel counts reset at midnight GMT every Saturday. The Task Force’s total Intel count does not reset. Once a certain amount of Intel has been ...

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