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Support Buildings

Weapon Lab

“The Weapon Lab can make powerful prototype defenses out of modules captured from the Blackguard.” Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 The Weapon Lab is used to build Prototype Defenses. It is unlocked upon reaching Headquarters level 15. Upgrading the Weapon Lab allows you to place more powerful and more than one Prototype Defense. The Weapon Lab cannot be upgraded ...

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Power Powder

“Power Powder is a consumable item boosting the stats of your statues for a limited time.” Power Powder is used to double a Statue’s effect for a limited amount of time. (See chart below) You use Power Powder by tapping on the Statue that you wish to boost and tapping the Power Powder button. A confirmation box will appear. Once ...

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Power Stones

Power Stones are used to make Statues. There are 4 types of Power Stones: Life, Ice, Magma, and Dark. There are 3 sizes of Power Stones: Fragment, Shard, and Crystal. It is possible to obtain Power Stones and keep them before you have built the Sculptor, however those that are will only be obtainable through the Daily Reward. Any Power ...

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“In old war times, soldiers used to believe that the construction of statues had a mysterious aura or power which would favour them in war.” Life Idol Life Guardian Life Masterpiece Ice Idol Ice Guardian Ice Masterpiece Magma Idol Magma Guardian Magma Masterpiece Dark Idol Dark Guardian Dark Masterpiece Statues are created from the Sculptor. Power Stones are required to ...

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“Develop an elite fighting force at the Combat Academy! You can research improvements for your troops, improve defensive Mines and upgrade your Gunboat’s Weaponry.” Level 1-2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5-7 Level 8-13 Level 14-20 Level 21 Level 22 The Armory is used to upgrade troops, Gunboat weaponry and mines. All upgrades cost Gold. Upgrading things in the Armory does not require your Villagers, so you can upgrade a buildingwhile ...

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“Upgrading the Radar allows you to explore more of the archipelago.” Level 1 Level 2-5 Level 6-8 Level 9-20 The more you upgrade the Radar, the more areas you can explore. After you’ve upgraded the Radar, you can unlock new parts of the Archipelago with Gold. The higher the Radar level required to unlock the area, the more expensive the area ...

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“The Sculptor creates powerful statues that can help our war effort tremendously. Each new statue is unique, and its powers can’t be predicted! You can salvage a statue to recover a refined Power Stone. Upgrade the Sculptor to deploy more statues. You can only have one Masterpiece of the same bonus type.”         Level 1 Level 2 ...

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“The Gunboat provides fire support and battlefield supplies to your troops. It can also relay movement orders with Signal smoke. Upgrade your Headquarters to access new Gunboat abilities, and upgrade the Gunboat to increase its Ammo Capacity.” Level 1 Level 2-3 Level 4-5 Level 6-7 Level 8-9 Level 10-14 Level 15-16 Level 17 Level 18-20 Level 21 Level 22 The ...

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Landing Craft

“Each landing craft carries a squad of troops for beach assaults. Upgrading the landing craft to carry more troops to the battle!” Level 1-7 Level 8-14 Level 15-20 Level 21 Level 22   A Landing Craft trains troops and holds them ready for deployment. They are used to land, deploy and pick up troops on beaches. When you deploy a Landing Craft, a ...

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