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Offensive Strategies

Warrior Rush Strategy

This is a known and simple, yet very powerfull strategy to win battles in Boom Beach. It requires you to have a pure troop of Warriors. The warriors deals a nice amount of damage, while they can also heal themself. As your going with a high number of troop units, you are good versus single target defensive buildings, while you ...

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Hammerman’s HQ Strategies

Hammerman’s HQ 1 (10): Recommended Army: 2 Heavies, 12 Riflemen & 4 Zookas Firstly destroy a Mortar or two with Artillery. Then use Heavies as a meat shield and take out the MMG 9000 with Zookas. Take out the rest of defences with Riflemen + Zookas. Hammerman’s HQ 2 (20): Recommended Army: 4 Heavies & 12 Zookas Firstly use a few Artilleries to destroy one of the MMG 9000’s or the Cannons. Then send out your Heavies to soak up the ...

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Contrary to common belief, victory points have nothing to do with matchmaking. According to the official definition: Your opponents are selected from players with a similar matchmaking score. Every time you get a new Mercenary base on your map, either through exploration or invasion, your matchmaking score increases. Using ‘Find new opponent’, Headquarters level, experience level or Victory Points have ...

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The Gunboat has special abilities that can aid and support your troops. It should be noted, however, that all damaging abilities and the stun abilitiy allow for friendly fire. The most often used are the artillery and the barrage . Both of these deal damage to the opponent’s buildings. It is often a good idea to destroy key defenses like cannons and boom cannons before deploying ...

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