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Defensive Strategies

Guide to defending against tanks

Today we’ll break down Tank Tactics and how you can improve your base to defend against them. Tanks and Tank + Medic combos are a very potent late game troop combination due to their high HP, range, and respectable damage. In the hands of a skilled commander, Tanks can find blind spots in a base’s defense and pick them off ...

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Defending Your Base

Defend your HQ If the attacker destroys your Headquarters, they win the entire battle. Everything else blows up, and they steal all of your unprotected loot. Therefore, you need to defend your HQ at all costs. A large portion of your defenses should overlap this important building. Defend your “useless buildings” too Unfortunately, your Sawmill isn’t going to chop up ...

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Defence Building Layout

Lower HeadQuarters (1-9) HeadQuarters layout 1 With this layout, you dont have much defence buildings. But it is still easy to defend yourself, unless your attacker has tanks then you have very little chance. With your HQ to the side, it’s easy to defened with only the front and back that your opponent can attack from. When placing your defences ...

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Head Quarters

Placing your HeadQuarters  is the biggest part of your base design, because your main goal is to protect it. For the lower HQ levels, the best place is to have your HQ on the right edge of your base, next to your boats so it’s easier to protect with lower level defences. HeadQuarters Layout 1 For the higher HQ levels (Around 10-11+), ...

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