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Coming Next Update: Activity Log Improvements

We’re making some improvements to the Activity Log in the next update which requires us to reset all of the data there. This means your defense replays and unclaimed diamonds will be wiped once the update arrives – so don’t forget to claim those diamonds and watch your replays each day! We aren’t ready to reveal when the update is ...

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Coming soon: Ability to change your name!

We’ve heard you Commanders! We’ve heard you loud and clear. All Commanders want a base with the best possible name, and so many of you have written in to ask for a chance to change its name. That’s why we’re currently working on a feature that will let you (yes, you!) change your base’s name, in case you’re unhappy with ...

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Event Changes Coming Next Update

Commanders, brace yourselves! We’re going to shake up the current event system (Dr. Terror) in the next update. The reason is two-fold: Firstly, we’ve always thought that 20 Terror stages in one day was a bit too much and resulted in two, almost compulsory, big sessions a week. We think it would be preferable and more scalable to have more ...

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Update: “The Flame Wars”!

NEW TROOP The Scorcher is a massive armored unit with a short range and attention span. It takes a boatload of Energy to deploy and leaves with a bang, harming everything nearby Available at HQ 18 (because we want something cool to unlock at each HQ level – we’re getting there!) NEW STUFF New Power Base tactical note system for ...

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Dr. Terror Time Change

As Boom’s player grows, we’re starting to notice a potential problem with having an event that activates for all players at the same time – meaning a lot of players simultaneously pressing “Attack Dr. Terror Stage 1”. So to keep Boom’s servers running smoothly, we need to stagger the time that Dr. Terror visits your maps. Therefore, after the next ...

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Upcoming Changes – Balancing Offense & Defense

From Supercell: I wanted to give you a heads up about some of the upcoming changes we’re planning to bring with the next update and why. Currently defense is not valued very highly, and it’s possible to get to the world #1 position with just a single Sniper Tower and maxed offense – this doesn’t feel like healthy gameplay to ...

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Update: “The Grenadier Awakens”

New toys: The Grenadier! A powerful ranged unit that deals area damage, rather inaccurately (available at HQ 16) Leaders and Officers can spend Intel to sabotage (destroy) random defensive buildings in Task Force operations Added a fresh batch of new Power Bases and NPC levels Gameplay improvements: Dr. Terror’s Wednesday event Statues have been weakened More consistent invasions (tap here ...

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