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Update: HQ 22, Statue Storage, Ranks, and Supply Chest!

NEW STUFF! Headquarters level 22 Armory Level 22 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat abilities Statue Storage allows storage for new Statues before they’re placed in the base. Be careful! You cannot store statues once they have been placed. Ranks! Increase your Victory Points to rank up. The higher your Rank, the better your daily rewards will be. Supply ...

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What to Expect – January 15

I have some information about what you can expect on January 15th! It isn’t a traditional update – we’ve already added it to the game as you know! There won’t be any sneak peeks, we want you to be somewhat surprised It will activate at 6pm your local time It is not Task Force vs. Task Force related Get excited!

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Optional Update: Base Notes & Other Fixes

An optional update is now available (Version 24.170) to address the following: – Fixed Base Notes – Fixed event win messages appearing too early – Fixed “invalid location” message not appearing for Gunboat Abilities used outside playable area Also, we’re aware of an issue with the “Hammer Down” and “Conqueror” achievements and are currently investigating – we’ll get a fix ...

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Boom Beach Update!

Commanders! We’re working on something amazing for January, but in the mean time here’s a small update to keep things fresh for Task Forces: – 10 new Power Base layouts – Operation participation % won’t include successful operations, if you didn’t attack – Sabotage can now target Shield Generators and Damage Amplifiers – Several graphical updates for Vault levels – ...

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Update: “Kingdom of the Crystal Seashell”

NEW STUFF – Headquarters Level 21 – Armory Level 21 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat Abilities – Boost your HQ’s durability with a new prototype defense: the Shield Generator – Stun enemy troops with a shocking new mine: the Shock Mine – More achievements – Seashells FOR TASK FORCES – Co-Leader rank to share the burden of command ...

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NEW Boom Beach Update News!!

From Reddit: We’ve been working for some time now on a brand new HQ level, HQ21, along with tougher upgrade levels for both the defense towers as well as troops. Those alone will bring many interesting things to do on the highest levels, but that’s not all, because there will also be a completely new prototype defense building called the ...

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What new features are coming to Boom Beach?

WHAT THEY’RE WORKING ON… Achievements (still!) Improving the ‘Hammerman attacks you’ event Some system(s) to encourage gaining VPs and make it worthwhile to do so (the aim behind this is that matchmaking would benefit from a player-wide consensus to gain VPs) Ability to see who hasn’t done their operation attack Co-Leader rank New prototype weapon For reasons I can’t yet ...

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