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January Update Inbound!

Welcome back Commander! We have had a small update in order to squash a couple bugs. Imitation Game Imitation Game rewards bug – Higher stages of Lt. Hammerman’s Imitation Game were returning incorrect rewards. Dr. T Dr. T was getting lazy! His island layouts were repeating instead of changing. Mega Crab We know Dr. T has been taunting us about ...

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Extra Builders!

Extra Builders have arrived in Boom Beach! Update your game to hire Extra Builders from the shop and construct two buildings at once!  

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June 2016 Key Highlights

INTRODUCING THE CRYONEER Unlocking at HQ level 20, the Cryoneer freezes enemy buildings, slowing them down and dealing low damage. She moves with moderate speed and has a medium range which makes her a good companion for Zookas and Heavies. But be careful, as your own troops can get hit by the Freeze Beam!   ADDING LEGEND RANKS New Ranks ...

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Update: HQ 22, Statue Storage, Ranks, and Supply Chest!

NEW STUFF! Headquarters level 22 Armory Level 22 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat abilities Statue Storage allows storage for new Statues before they’re placed in the base. Be careful! You cannot store statues once they have been placed. Ranks! Increase your Victory Points to rank up. The higher your Rank, the better your daily rewards will be. Supply ...

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