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Cumulative Costs

Introduction The goal of this page is to enumerate the cumulative costs in Resources to upgrade everything to each level. In order to do this, some assumptions will have to be made: The cost of Diamonds will be calculated in U.S. dollars using the normal pricing in the most economical way possible without buying during a sale (buying only Crates ...

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Loot System

Scouting When a new opponent first appears on your Archipelago, you can choose to scout it or attack it right away. (Figure 1) After you scout a base for the first time, the amount of available loot is determined. This amount will never change after your first scout of the base. Choosing to attack before scouting the base for the ...

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Daily Reward

Daily Rewards are rewards that come once a day. They are based off of the highest Rank achieved within the last 24 hours of the current reward. Attackers cannot steal resources from this boat. Collection Every day, the Daily Reward arrives in a captured Blackguard freighter. It arrives at 6 am in your local time. It offers three types of ...

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Freed Village

Whenever you conquer a Mercenary Base or Blackguard Base, you free the Native Islanders that live there from theirBlackguard captors. In gratitude, the Native Islanders ship Gold to your base. Each freed village has a certain rate of production that depends on the total number of freed villages that are currently in the Archipelago. The Gold from all of the ...

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Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade everything in Boom Beach. You can see how many of each resource you have via the counters in the top right corner of your screen. Note: The Stone and Iron counters do not appear until you have unlocked those resources. Resources are gained primarily by stealing them from other bases. Destroying ...

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