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The Trader is a mysterious character who visits your island every week in a large red submarine. She arrives Friday evening and departs Sunday evening local time. She offers Trader Crates as well as some other offers. Trader Tickets are obtained in two ways: collecting a Daily Reward or collecting a Supply Chest. Both of these yield 1 Trader Ticket ...

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Colonel Gearheart

Colonel Gearheart is the character that appears with the War Factory event. This event starts at 6 a.m. for your time zone every 6 days and lasts for 21 hours. These event times are affected by Daylight Saving Time. You must defeat Lt. Hammerman’s level 45 HQ base to unlock this event. The event consists of one large base which you ...

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“Now you’ll see what happens when you mess with the Blackguard. Prepare yourself!” The Blackguard is the enemy force in Boom Beach. The Blackguard periodically invades the islands under your control. The Blackguard enslaves Native Islanders that live on these islands and keeps them in small cages that are located under the base’s Headquarters. All other players appear to the ...

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“Commander, we’ve made a successful landing. This will be our base of operations against the Blackguard threat.” The Villagers are the inhabitants of the players’ home base after arriving there with the player. The player is Commander over them. The male villagers appear as young men with brown hair and a simple outfit with suspenders and two pouches along the ...

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Lt. Hammerman

“I am Lieutenant Hammerman of the Blackguard.” Lt. Hammerman is the main antagonist of Boom Beach. He is the commander of the Blackguard. The Blackguard is a military force that is attempting to take over the islands of the Archipelago and enslave its inhabitants. The player was sent to the Archipelago to stop the Blackguard from taking control of it. It is unknown how the ...

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Dr. T

“Welcome to my grand experiment on self-replicating TERROR WEAPONS. Thank you for donating test subjects!” – Dr. Terror Dr. T is the mad scientist in charge of the Blackguard’s Artifact Weaponization Project. Most of the time he is occupied conducting evil experiments, but now and then he invades the Archipelago to terrorize innocent islanders. Nobody really knows where and when Dr. ...

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Native Islander

“Meet the Native Islander! Her name is Sharon. Her hobbies include: Pottery and Cave diving!” The female Native Islander appears as a slightly tanned girl with a blue dress, white hair, and light blue face paint. The male Native Islander appears as a muscular man with his white hair tied up wearing a blue skirt and silver armbands. The Main ...

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