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Base Designs

HQ 18 Defense Base Layout with Shield Generator

The picture below shows us a special HQ 18 defense base layout, the speciality is that you can hardly find where the Shield Generator is. Players of HQ 19 or above can find the position of Shield Generator with the help of Critters easilay, but players of HQ 18 or below have no way to find the exact position of it. ...

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Top 4 HQ 17-18 Base Designs

“The Heart” This Base works the best when it is placed at the back of your Island, and it defends against most troop types. This base is truly a Moderate base for new lvl 18 HQ players. So if you’ve just upgraded from 17 to 18, this should be a good setup. “The Classic Corner” This is a Common Setup, ...

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Show us your Base!

Are you proud of your Boom Beach Base? Why is your base the best? Or do you just want to show your base? Fill in the form below: [gravityform id=”3″ name=”Show us your base !” title=”false”] Entries: [directory form=”1″ page_size=”10″ fulltext=”false” lightboxsettings=”images” titleshow=”false” tfoot=”false” pagelinksshowall=”false” credit=”false”]

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