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Buying & Using MAX Grenadiers! Final Boom Beach Troop Maxed!

Boom Boom! Max level grenadiers mark the final troop I’ve maxed out in Boom Beach’s latest update! Now on towards maxing the rest of my defenses and buildings that come along with HQ 21!
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  1. Hey Nickatnyte I am a huge fan of your videos but one strategic thing that kills me every time when you use grens is that you make the boom cannons a priority to take out. Cannons and boom cannons can both one shot a gren but boom cannons take longer to reload and usually have way more health than a regular cannon therefore they should be equal or less important to take out than cannons although they do have a greater range. Keep making vids. Maybe you could feature this comment in one of your videos thank s

  2. Task Force Ranger looking for one more member above 300 medals!! OP rewards daily, send request!!

  3. Hey bro you know my mum and dad ???????

  4. Soon to be Top 1000 Task Force! Ops everyday and great rewards. Join "BEAGLE POWER" Tag# Y9GLRGR
    Still a few spots open. JOIN NOW!

  5. Who Didnt you remove guardian so you would have 2masterpieces!!??

  6. I'm always use 2 landing craft for medics and 5 landing craft for grenadiers… its awesome.

  7. nickatnyte, on the lvl 55 El Guapo, something in the armory was upgrading.

  8. "Uh.. 316 nickmath." best quote I've heard, gave me a laugh

  9. can you do a video just making masterpieces so if you can get the 42% gunboat

  10. Granadiers = Drunked trupes!

  11. Your base is awesome

  12. hey nick you should do a smokey heavy straight to the hq

  13. woeful.. bad use of naders.. take out the blaster and a shoca then stick left.. throw out 8 medics with naders and they are invincible..

  14. Nice work I like it liked and subbed :-)

  15. Am I the only 1 who are jealous of those troops and defences cuz I am still lvl 24 :V

  16. im lvl 19 and i beat a lvl 30 and i desroyed one sniper tower and one boom cannon and i just went around

  17. If I put 2 damage amplifiers together, do they have a cumulative effect on the surrounding weapons? ?

  18. I've been to see Yellowstone

  19. Siemano maniaki 😀 znalazłem w necie dodatek! żeby ściągnąć nie ma ankiet ani nic, łapcie i nie dziękujcie 😀 (watch?v=Dz4lM3EzmB4)

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  21. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
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    Buying & Using MAX Grenadiers! Final Boom Beach Troop Maxed!

  22. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Buying & Using MAX Grenadiers! Final Boom Beach Troop Maxed!

  23. Oh wow you lost against a player 10 lvl lower than you! I always find bases 10 lvl higher

  24. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
    Wood here => http://www.BoomBeach .space (remove space)
    Buying & Using MAX Grenadiers! Final Boom Beach Troop Maxed!

  25. That turtle drama tho …

  26. Nick bat hq no afens but the idea is stopped.

  27. Grenadiers are so fun!!!

  28. When do you get base layout?Thanks

  29. i think you should try rifleman medics tank just for fun

  30. Its just me or anyone else thinks that the grenadiers look like Jamie Heinamen ???

  31. Yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Another Awesome video man, keep it up and have a good day ;)

  33. Why doesn't he put down 2 master pieces instead of just the one?

  34. my dog should b dead i hate her so much

  35. Grenadiers by themselves are so shitty

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