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BRAWL STARS – YouTuber Gem Mine Tournament!

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  1. Want Brawl Stars on Andriod❓ Video on My Channel 🔥 Want Brawl Stars out side Canada on ios❓Video on my Channel🔥

  2. Did they seriously install wifi inside the cave

  3. Can you play amazing frog or gang beast.

  4. Yeah we will just put it on iOS it's easier…. Fucking lazy developers!

  5. Cam looks taller than i thought

  6. why isnt molt chief and nick on one team??? did something happen between them? they seem like the dream team

  7. Does anyone else think the commenters were annoying?

  8. Y'all youtubers should make separate band n clan

  9. Android! Android! SUPERCELL please😭😭😭

  10. How do u get brawl stars

  11. so fucking biased. They should've filmed nick twice. Chief Pat only won because he had the camera twice every game that piece of shit ass

  12. The name is supposed to be tres pendjos 😂

  13. In order to get it in USA change your Apple ID to Canada and boom 🙂 I've done it already, and if u don't want to do it because it does cancel any renewing subscriptions(Netflix, amazon prime etc) then make a new Apple ID. Like if this helps

  14. "Yeah we're going to make them cry" – Chris aka camerobro aka cam aka YouTuber aka awesome

  15. This game is PERFECT for competetive as in a real event/tournament

  16. why is the boom beach devs here

  17. Nice to see you live streaming

  18. You are epic at YouTube

  19. If you have brawl stars join my new clan! Iits Whales™

  20. Im from serbia but i need to use croatian app stor does anybd know when will it get out for it

  21. i wish i can play this game

  22. Subscribe and watch my videos

  23. I have brawl stars
    1 sub=Getting brawl star in one more country

  24. Team superglue more like team superdry if you know what that is

  25. YESS nickatnyte is teamed up with an Australian I'm Australian

  26. Can you join our band it's called Team Nguyener's

  27. How do you guys have WiFi in a freaking Cave

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